Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

I went out on Thursday night and watched Wonder Woman. Let me just say that it is amazing and I want to watch it again in theaters. I rarely watch movies in theaters, let alone repeat of movies, so this is a brand new feeling for me. Especially so because Wonder Woman is essentially an origin story and I thought I was tired of origin stories. But I guess it’s just because movies keep using the same ones over and over again (and I’m looking at the three Spider-Man franchises when I say this. Let Peter Parker grow up or tell the story of someone else who played Spider-Man).

I bought a Wonder Woman shirt from Hot Topic for the Wonder Woman premiere because of course I’m going to. When I watched Batman v Superman in the theaters (that was a waste of money, ah well), I didn’t have a DC shirt so I wore my Women of Marvel shirt instead. For this movie, I wanted to be on point.

I ordered my ticket through fandango and chose a nearby theater. I got ready, also wearing my long, flowing blue skirt (mostly because it reminded me of Diana’s dress from the trailer) along with my Wonder Woman shirt, and drove to the theaters.

Fortunately, this theater also sells alcohol and I bought a drink. I’m really glad I did because the bartender said my outfit was missing something and handed me his Wonder Woman armbands that the employees were wearing. 😀

With drink, water, and a hot dog in hand, I was ready to watch this movie because it’s been a long time coming.

Spoilers below.

There were genuine funny moments in the movie, and not in a “this is stupid” kind of way like there was in BvS. Diana is adorable as a fish out of water, and the people around her were great as they reacted to her.

I enjoyed the action scenes, from the Amazons vs Germans, to Diana vs Germans. WWI is perfect for Diana’s brand of melee and seeing her come out of the trenches is just perfect. She takes on all the fire so the Allies could finally cross no man’s land. Yes, there’s a lot of slowmo cuts in the action scenes, but it didn’t actually bother me.

Diana grew up on the island of Themyscira so innocent. Though her aunt, General Antiope trained her to be the greatest Amazon warrior, her and her mother, Queen Hippolyta kept her in the dark. The horrors WWI and losing Steve makes her realize what the world truly is and I can see this Diana wanting to withdraw from it until BvS.

Her freak out when she thinks she’s completed her mission of killing Ares, but realizing it changed nothing about the evil men broke my heart. Steve is trying to reassure her and convince her of the good of mankind and make her feel better all while hearing the tick tock of time running out in his head because he has to complete his mission of preventing that gas from being used on more innocent people. She’s done with this world and Steve still lives in it, and tells her while mankind doesn’t deserve her, it’s about believing and love.

The main villain in this when he’s finally revealed, Ares, was kind of a let down from General Ludendorff and Dr. Isabel Maru (Doctor Poison). I just couldn’t take him seriously at all and after all the physicality of previous fights, his wasn’t. But I can overlook that because everything else in the movie was just so great.

I give Wonder Woman 9.5/10 stars and I am ready to watch it all over again.

Review: Legally Blonde (2001)

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I wanted something light and cheerful to watch on Netflix and came across Legally Blonde. I’ve watched it a few times before and the movie never fails to make me smile and energize me for whatever task I need to do at the moment. My thinking is, if Elle Woods can do it, then so can I. In one word, the movie is adorable. I love that Elle went to law school to get back Warner and realized what she really wanted, and was good at, was becoming a lawyer (and still got a guy, but a better one to boot!).

It starts off with Elle thinking that her college boyfriend was going to propose to her, her sorority supporting her, and she’s going shopping for a new dress. You see a hint of her brilliance with the saleswoman, but it’s something you can pass off as nothing (for now).

Every time I see Warner, I just think sleazy and Elle, you could have done way better. And you will in grad school. Also, what asshole of a guy takes his girlfriend to a fancy restaurant just to break up with her and for pretty shallow reasons? Warner, that’s who.

Poor, Elle. She’s grieving for her lost love in her room and all I can think about is how not worth it Warner is. But like Selena Gomez, the heart wants what the heart wants. Elle has good friends as they take her out to get a medi and pedi. It’s here where she gets the idea to become a law student in order to get Warner back. It makes me laugh that her parents are trying to talk her out of law school, but she’s dead set on it. Her counselor also tries to gently talk her out of it.

“I don’t need back ups. I’m going to Harvard.”

Get it, girl.

I love this montage as she works on the requirements she needs in order to get into Harvard. The video essay makes me laugh because it’s ridiculous, but the parts where Elle is trying really hard to study for the LSAT makes me smile. It’s hard to focus on an exam like that. I know from experience, though not the LSAT.


That’s really amazing, and her entire sorority celebrates her victory. As a point of reference, 180 is the highest score you can get on the LSAT. Elle did very, very well.

“Elle Woods, welcome to Harvard.”

I admit, these next several scenes makes me wince for Elle because she (on the outside) doesn’t fit in and people purposely try to push her out. Elle refuses to take that lying down though because she has a mission.

As her fellow classmates gather around on the grass to introduce each other, you can see how different Elle is from everyone else. They look at her like an alien. Warner is so shocked that Elle is there at Harvard Law and she acts like it was nothing to get in. Awesome.

The scene of her first class makes me wince because Elle was so ill prepared and the professor humiliates her for it. She meets Emmett briefly as he helps her out with some class advice. Then Elle gets the surprise of her life when she finds out that Warner is engaged to the girl who helped humiliate her in class. Vivian Kensington.

Elle escapes to a nail salon and meets Paulette. Paulette gives Elle the advice of stealing Warner back from Vivian, and Elle takes it.

“I’m never going to be good enough for you, am I?”

This is where Elle gets serious about becoming a lawyer and I love it. She’s always had the brains, but now she has the right motivation to back them up, and it pays off.

I don’t understand why Professor Callahan took on this case when he clearly thought she was guilty. Then again, lawyers take on guilty people for their cases all the time, so why couldn’t he be a better lawyer and figure out how to win his case? And in this case, she was innocent, so it should make his work that much easier because he wouldn’t have to work around his client’s guilt. I also don’t understand how they couldn’t find out where she was when her husband was murdered. Couldn’t they look into her credit card records? Maybe I’m so used to other shows where it’s easy to find out all this sort of information on people, so maybe it’s not something lawyers can access.

It took Elle awhile to get comfortable when she was questioning the witness, but she did it with confidence and style. She knows hair care and managed to get Chutney to confess that she was the murderer.

I’m glad that Legally Blonde didn’t have Elle return to Warner, especially since he wasn’t worth her time whatsoever. The movie romance between Elle and Emmett takes a backseat, but I’m okay with that. This story was about Elle finding her place in the world, not finding herself a man.

The ending graduation scene was beautiful as Elle speaks to her graduating class and reveals the things she learned at Harvard. Everything ends well, and I like that in a story.

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Legally Blonde wasn’t a movie I watched right away when it first came out in 2001 because I saw a dumb blonde and law school, and thought “No, thanks.” I’ve since learned my lesson.

My rating for this movie is a 9 out of 10, and something I have no problems rewatching time and time again.

Review: Uber Eats

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Despite the fact that Uber Eats has been in my city for a couple of months now, I’ve only just found out that they’re here.

What’s Uber Eats, you’re asking? They’re part of Uber, the company that picks and drops you off when you request for a ride on your phone app. But instead of delivering people, Uber Eats delivers food.

You can use the website, which is how I order food, or you can use the Uber Eats app on your phone. Just type in your address for food delivery to see what open restaurants are available to you.

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Fortunately for me, there are plenty of restaurants available. My options range from Mexican to Mediterranean to Japanese and to even donuts! I like that I have a wide variety of options, so when I’m hungry but don’t want to leave my apartment, I don’t have to search for a restaurant with delivery service, or limiting myself to just pizza.

The delivery info is pretty simple. You’ve already given your address to see what restaurants are available to you for ordering, but you can also add in apartment number as well as a delivery note. If you’re like me and live in a gated apartment, don’t forget to add the gate code. I’ve forgotten a few times and have had the delivery person call me to ask for it so they could get inside. And if you know that it’s tricky to find the address you’re at, add in instructions how to get there! This helps both you (getting the food faster) and the driver (who doesn’t have to take as long to find you).

The cost depends on what you order. There is the cost of the food, tax, as well as a booking fee. Currently, there is no option to add tip for the delivery person, so if you want to tip them, you’ll have to do it in cash.

I love Uber and I’m glad there’s an Uber Eats in my area. There are also other food delivery services, like Postmates and Grubhub, but I like Uber Eats simply because I already used Uber in the first place. Now it’s time for me to order some food because I’m hungry.

Have you used Uber Eats or similar food delivery services before? How’d you like it?

The eternal struggle of a cat litter box

I know I’m not the only cat owner who has to deal with the trials and tribulations that is the litter box. With my previous late cat and my current cat, I’ve gone through plenty of litter boxes and frankly, there’s disadvantages with all of them and I feel like there’s barely any advantages at all. Well, except for the fact that there’s a designated area for Agent Romanoff to do her business in.

When I first adopted Agent Romanoff, the pet store didn’t have anything that I wanted. She needed a litter box though so I got her a disposable one that already had some litter in a package attached to it. I told myself I’d come back later to find her a good litter box.

I returned to the pet store and was shocked to find that the litter box pan and litter box hood were sold separately. What! When I purchased a litter box for my late cat years ago, they were sold together. I couldn’t believe the price gouging going on here, especially when the hood price was so expensive on its own. I decided to go with an XL pan and see how an open space would do for Agent Romanoff.

I realized quick that the litter box liner I purchased earlier did not fit this pan, not one bit. That sucked, but Agent Romanoff needed her litter box. The open pan, for the most part, was okay. Agent Romanoff used the pan just fine and it sat in my bathroom. However, there were issues. The smell was awful if I didn’t scoop for what seemed like after a couple of hours, because the smell could easily escape without a hood, and the mat I got for her was something Agent Romanoff did not like because she jumped over it instead of wiping her paws on it. I tried replacing the mat with a towel instead, but that just meant that when she tried to wipe her paws, she dragged the towel into the litter box. I needed something more stable.

This time around, I went into the pet store to do this right. I was going to have to eat the costs of supplying Agent Romanoff something I could live with. I bought the hood and the pan, one that my liners could fit, and got her a new mat that would stay when she wiped her paws on it.


As soon as I opened the mat, Agent Romanoff claimed it as hers by lying down on it. As I added the liner and began adding the litter, Agent Romanoff tried to get into it. No, cat. This is not a two person job! I placed the hood on the pan, set the mat down, and brought Agent Romanoff into the bathroom to show it to her.


She seemed confused by it a little, even after I showed her that the door opened. I finally just flipped the door up so she can peek inside. She sat in front of the litter box and poked her head inside for several minutes. Then she placed her paw inside to make sure it was litter, I guess. I’m not sure about her reasoning.


Agent Romanoff finally went inside to do her business, I left the bathroom to give her some privacy, and when she stepped out of it, she immediately sat in front of the litter box and poked her head inside. I don’t understand my cat sometimes.

For the most part, I’m okay with this setup. The only way it’d be even better was if someone else was cleaning my cat’s litter box everyday. 😉

Review: S’mores Chips Ahoy

I went grocery shopping the other day and saw that Chips Ahoy came out with a s’mores flavored cookie. I got pretty excited at seeing it because I love smores and I will definitely buy a product if it’s s’mores flavored. So while I already had some cookies in my shopping cart, I also got the s’mores Chips Ahoy to try out as well.


When I got home and put away my groceries, I told myself to be good and not rip open the packaging right away. I was going to eat my dinner first, watch a movie on Netflix… and then rip open into the packaging to try out a cookie. I’ve already tried out the S’mores Oreos and I really like those. If this was just as good, I could then just choose between the two whenever I was in the mood for cookies and was grocery shopping (which basically meant whichever was cheaper at the time).

I ate my dinner, drank some water to cleanse the palate, so to speak, and opened up the package.


The first thing I noticed was how crumbly it was. I was not expecting it to be so crumbly. I love soft cookies, but this was too soft. Not a good first impression. As I lifted the cookie to my mouth, the cookie started to crumble even more. No, cookie! I want you in my mouth, not falling apart in my fingers!

I finally got the cookie in my mouth and I expected s’mores flavor to hit me full force. Or even somewhat s’mores flavor to hit me. This cookie should be in the vicinity of s’mores. However, when I ate the cookie, I didn’t taste s’mores at all. It tasted off, like it was supposed to be another flavor. I paused and took a drink of water. Maybe I was imagining things. This was the first time I’ve had this cookie and it’d been awhile since I’ve eaten anything s’mores flavored, so I tried another cookie. Nope, it still tasted odd.

I was quite disappointed because I bought this package of cookies in order to consume their little cookie souls, but I didn’t even want to eat another cookie, let alone the entire thing. Fortunately, I go to grad school with a bunch of hungry classmates, so I brought the cookies to campus the next day and they finished it off. No one commented on the flavor, making me think I was just imagining things, when the second to the last person to eat a cookie took a bite of the entire thing and made a face.

“What?” I asked.

“What flavor is this?”


“It doesn’t taste like s’mores. It tastes like cherries. I don’t want anymore.”

I don’t think it tasted like cherries, but I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one who thought it didn’t taste like s’mores.

The next time I’m in the grocery store, I’m going to give S’mores Chips Ahoy a wide berth and go for something tried and true if I want my s’mores fix.

Cat Food Review: Simply Nourish Source vs Whole Earth Farms

When I first adopted Agent Romanoff, I purchased a lot of new cat things that very day for her from the pet store. One of those items was cat food. Since it’d been years since I last had a cat, I didn’t know what brand of food to get for her. There seemed to be an endless amount of possibilities for cats, not just in brand but the different flavors within the brands themselves, and I didn’t know Agent Romanoff’s preference.

I finally decided to go with Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe because it was on sale and a small enough bag that if she didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I went with chicken flavor because what cat doesn’t like chicken flavor? I figured it was a safe bet.


I took Agent Romanoff home, got her settled in, and poured the dry food into her bowl. The dry food was shaped into what looked like little fish. Agent Romanoff checked out her food and I waited to see what her response was.

She ate the food without any hesitation. Hurray!

The Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe bag let me reseal it, which I really liked because I didn’t have to use a clothesline pins to close the bag up every time I had to refill Agent Romanoff’s bowl.

Soon enough, the bag was starting to run out and I went to the pet store to replace her food with the same bag. It was a proven winner for the both of us and I wasn’t going to argue with it. Except when I went to the pet store, I couldn’t find the bag at all. I walked up and down the cat food aisles looking for it and it wasn’t there. Granted, I couldn’t remember the name of the brand, but I thought I could recognize the bag’s image pretty easily.

Nope, it wasn’t there at all. That’s what I get for purchasing a clearance item. 😉

Okay, no big deal. I could purchase a different bag of dry food for Agent Romanoff and hoped she liked that one. I finally chose Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken because it was on sale and it was a small bag size. The flavor was chicken, at least, since I knew Agent Romanoff liked chicken. I bought it and took it home.


The dry food pieces were a lot smaller than the other brand and were spherical instead of shaped like fish. I mixed the two dry foods together since I still had some left from the first bag and waited to see what Agent Romanoff’s reaction to it was.

She enjoyed it just as much as the first bag. Yay! I didn’t have to worry about returning this bag of food. However, while my cat enjoyed the food, I was not enjoying the packaging. The first bag from Simply Nourish Source had a component that let me reseal the bag. This one from Whole Earth Farms had no such thing on its bag so I use two clothesline pins to close the bag. It’s a slight hassle to deal with, especially since I didn’t have to deal with it with the other brand. My roommate uses a container and pours all the cat food from a bag into it when it comes to cat storage, and maybe someday I’ll do that, but not today.

Considering Agent Romanoff liked both bags equally in taste, it comes down to my convenience as her human. I prefer Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe over Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken because I could reseal the bag. When Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken runs out, I’m going to go back to the pet store and find something else for Agent Romanoff to try.

Review: Leaps & Bounds Winged Chase

Agent Romanoff loves chasing after things, like her BB-8 cat teaser, and I wanted to get her a toy that would allow her to take full advantage of her hunting ability. I went to the pet store to see what they had in stock.

The first thing I saw was that a lot of the moving cat toys were pretty pricey. I love my cat, but I only have so much money to spend on her. Then I noticed a Leaps & Bounds Winged Chase box on the bottom shelf.


On the box, it states that it:

“-Promotes exercise and spirited play

-Satisfies cats’ instinct to chase

-Includes 2 butterfly attachments”

The toy also requires 3 AA batteries which weren’t included, but I have plenty of batteries at home, so that wasn’t a problem. On the back of the box, there were instructions on how to put the toy together.

It was about $20 and I figured it would work for my needs. When I went to the register, I spoke with the cashier about the toy. She hadn’t seen anyone purchase it before (it was the only box on the shelf) and said if my cat didn’t like, I could always return it with my receipt. Done and done.

I took the toy home and attempted to put it together. First off, it was really hard trying to unscrew the screw where I needed to put in the batteries. A friend helped me to unscrew and screw in the battery box cover after I put in the batteries. Then I installed a butterfly and set it near Agent Romanoff.

I turned on the toy and it spun really fast. The butterfly shook as it spun around in a circle. Agent Romanoff was surprised and she backed off from the toy. Oh no. I’m already thinking I wasted $20 on a toy that she didn’t like so I turned it off. She returned to the toy and sniffed at the butterfly. That was promising and I figured it’ll be a toy that she’ll only like if it’s turned off.

An hour later, I turned on the toy and watched Agent Romanoff’s reaction. She backed away, but it kept her interest as her head turned with the butterfly’s spin. All of a sudden, she pawed at the butterfly and tried to catch as it spun.

Since purchasing the Winged Chase toy, Agent Romanoff loves playing with it. She’s come to a point where she’ll start from the opposite side of my room and run after the butterfly, miss it, and start from my bathroom in order to chase it again. Sometimes she’ll hide with the plastic bag she’s claimed as her own toy as she attempts to catch the butterfly.


I couldn’t find the toy on either the pet store website or Amazon, so I don’t know if it’s still in stock, but Leaps & Bounds company has plenty of toys for sale that I’m tempted to try out for Agent Romanoff since the toy went so well. It’s definitely one of Agent Romanoff’s favorites.

Review: Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers: Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy

In my search of finding things I can use to bribe my cat, Agent Romanoff, I looked into wet food. My roommate’s cat enjoys Fancy Feast wet food, so I decided to try out that brand for Agent Romanoff’s wet food. I went to the pet store and browsed the large selection for that specific brand.

Fancy Feast has plenty of wet food in a few sizes. Since I didn’t know whether or not Agent Romanoff would like a particular flavor, I decided to go for the smallest can. But what flavor did I want to get? Agent Romanoff is picky about everything and wet food wasn’t going to be any different for her.

Since her dry food is chicken flavored, I decided to go with something chicken flavored for her wet food as well – Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers: Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy.


I decided to hold off on giving Agent Romanoff the wet food until the right moment. This was a bribe testing situation, yes, but I couldn’t give it to her just for any reason. A few days later, I finally had a reason, and I opened up the can and dumped the wet food into her bowl.


She sniffed at it and it looked like a winner before my hopes were dashed and Agent Romanoff walked away. No, pusa! Her cat cousin kept trying to sneak in and eat her wet food, so I’m not sure if she licked away the gravy or he did.

Agent Romanoff continued to ignore it until the next morning when she ate half of it. I guess that’s something at least? I may try another flavor of wet food as a bribe because this one didn’t quite work.

Review: Comfort Zone Feliway – Multicat

My roommate has a cat. He’s about three years old and hasn’t really lived with other cats before. When I adopted my cat, they were wary of each other as new cats are. I tried introducing them like guides I found online said so… to no avail. Her boy cat would chase Agent Romanoff into my room and try to attack her. It’s especially annoying when it happens at 4 or 5 in the morning and I wake up to the sounds of my cat shrieking as the boy cat chases and tries to attack her in my room (I leave my door slightly ajar so Agent Romanoff can go to the bathroom during the night).

While I was at the pet store a month ago, I found a product called Comfort Zone Feliway – Multicat diffuser kit.

Front cover of package
Front cover of package

On the box, it reads “Proven to help reduce tension + conflict in multicat homes.” Perfect! I looked up reviews on two different websites to see how people reacted to it and there were mostly positive reviews. The product was a little pricey, but it’d be worth it if it worked.

If it worked.

Back cover of package
Back cover of package

Like I said, I purchased Comfort Zone about a month ago which is about how long it lasts. I plugged it into the living room where both cats would end up in from time to time. Judging by how often I still get woken up by boy cat chasing Agent Romanoff into my room at night, or even during the day when both humans are in the living room and he spots her… no, this product doesn’t work.

Agent Romanoff's cat cousin in a Yoda costume.
Agent Romanoff’s cat cousin in a Yoda costume.

Maybe it’s because the living room is too big and I honestly don’t know the range of this product. I did try looking for that data and couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s because neither of them are within range long enough for the product to work. Maybe maybe maybe doesn’t help the fact that I am out a bunch of money because I was hoping its claims were true. If it did work for my situation, I’d have no problems buying the refill bottle every month, but that’s not happening.

Either way, it leaves me with trying to figuring out another solution so I can get a good night’s sleep and Agent Romanoff can use the bathroom in peace during the night.

Review: Lay’s Korean Barbecue chips

Do you like Korean barbecue? Do you like potato chips? Then I highly recommend you run to your nearest store and pick up a bag of Lays’ Korean Barbecue flavored potato chips. Just like their previous bags of chips that are based off some food dish (Reuben sandwiches, gyros, etc), their Korean Barbecue chips taste exactly like Korean barbecue tastes like.


I first saw the bag of chips at a local drugstore while I was picking up something else to purchase. Go figure I go into the drugstore for one thing and come out with several other things not on my list. But I was curious because I love me some Korean barbecue and honestly, I would eat it every day if I could. I’ve tried their previous bags of chips and those chips tasted exactly like the real dish it was based off of, but this was Korean barbecue we’re talking about. There’s so much that goes into Korean barbecue that I didn’t think it was possible to match that right note of deliciousness. I bought two small bags because they were on sale together and went home to try it out.

The first chip I put into my mouth had my eyes widening and my tongue extremely happy. It did taste like Korean barbecue and I had to stop myself from consuming the entire bag in that moment. I waited until my roommate came home and offered her some chips. Maybe I had gotten it wrong. Maybe I was imagining it tasted like Korean barbecue. She loved Korean barbecue just as much as I did, so she’d tell me the truth.

Her reaction to the chips was the same reaction I had and she almost tried to inhale my bag of chips. Instead I offered her the other bag and it didn’t long before we ate everything up.

I even let Agent Romanoff sniff a chip to see what she thought about it. I was surprised, but she actually started licking the chip, so it’s cat approved (though I tried it again and she sniffed at it before turning away. Agent Romanoff is so fickle).

Lays, you did it again and the next time I went out shopping, I bought myself a larger bag to eat. The Lays Korean Barbecue chips are dangerous in a good way and I hope they stick around because eating a bag of chips is a lot cheaper than going to a Korean restaurant every night to eat.