Five Important Features of a Prescription

This is knowledge was gained from personal experience from when I used to work as a pharmacy tech for a few years.

Everyone has gone to the doctor and been given a prescription to take to the pharmacy in order to pick up medication one time or another. That medication can range from something term like antibiotics for your cold to something long term like a statin drug for your high cholesterol.

From the hospital to the private practice setting, prescription papers can and will look different from each other. Some will be handwritten and some will be typed. But despite these differences, the information on it is what’s important and without it, the speed at which you receive your medication will differ from days to not at all.

There are five important features that need to be on your prescription to make sure that your prescription won’t get turned away from the pharmacy or result in delays as the pharmacist calls your doctor’s office.

The features are:
1) Your name
If the doctor or medical personal forgets to write your name on the prescription, this means that the medication could be for anyone. It may not be a problem if it’s ibuprofen, but it will be if it’s a controlled drug.

2) Date
If your medication is not a controlled medication, the prescription will expire in a year. It doesn’t matter if you never fill the prescription, it will still expire in a year. So if the doctor wrote your ibuprofen on 3/3/17, the last date you can fill it on 3/3/18.

If it’s a controlled drug, the prescription will expire in 6 months.

3) Drug name and strength
Without the drug name or strength, the pharmacist doesn’t know what they’re giving you. Most drugs also have different strengths and a pharmacist can’t randomly give you whatever strength if it’s blank. That is under a physician’s scope of practice different strengths can affect your body differently.

4) Drug directions
Some drugs are pretty standard in their directions, but some are not. The pharmacist needs to know how you’re taking the medication in order to fill it for you.

5) Doctor’s signature
Without a doctor’s signature, there is no guarantee that this prescription is legitimate and not from a stolen doctor’s pad, especially if the medication is a controlled drug.

While every state have different pharmacy laws, these five features on your prescriptions are needed when you hand in the paper to your pharmacy.

Good luck in filling your prescriptions!

10 Ways To Destress

Stress is everywhere and not all of it is bad. However, too much stress can wreck havoc on your body. Whether it’s stress from family, work, school, or life trying to beat you down, don’t let stress win. You can overcome stress.

Here are 10 ways to destress and help you relax.

1. Pamper yourself
Whether it’s picking up a face mask from the dollar store or a beauty shop (depending on your budget), slipping your feet into hot water and Epsom salt, or painting your nails your favorite color, just pamper yourself. If you have the extra money for it, go out to a salon or spa for your pampering. Just let your mind go blank and beauty yourself up for a few minutes. Afterward, you’ll feel refreshed.

2. Take a nap
It can be hard to find the time to take a nap, but it is well worth it in this fast paced world. More than likely, if you’re like me, you’re sleep deprived and haven’t been getting enough hours of rest. Find 30 minutes in the day to take a nap.

3. Take a hot shower
Sometimes all you need is to hop in the shower and let that hot water run down your body. If you have a tub and you prefer it, take a hot bath instead. The point is to step away from the world and unwind.

4. Eat your favorite dessert
I always keep a carton of my favorite ice cream in the freezer for stressful occasions. There have been times when I splurge and pick myself some cupcakes or cheesecake slices from the store to eat. I don’t do it that often, but eating dessert helps me to destress from my day.

5. Dance it out
Exercise is always a great way to destress and my preferred method is turning on my favorite music and dancing in my living room. I won’t win any awards for my dancing, but at the end of it, I feel a lot better.

6. Binge watch a show
I have a queue on both Netflix and Hulu a mile long, so when I just want to unwind, I pick something new and sit down on my couch. Then I let the show distract me from whatever it was that was stressing me out.

7. Go for a drive
There’s a lot of beauty in the world and so many places within my city that I haven’t explored yet. Sometimes, when being at home is too much, I get into my car and just start driving in no particular direction to see what’s out there.

8. Go for a run
Another exercising technique. I’m not much of a runner anymore, so I walk around my apartment complex, but that may not be the case for you. Let the sun and wind on your skin while you run away your stress.

9. Drink tea
I love tea and I drink it whenever I can. My favorite tea is green tea and I feel a lot better when I take a sip of that hot liquid.

10. Meditate
I like to find meditation videos on Youtube in order to destress. My favorites tend to be sounds of the ocean because I was born and raised in Hawaii and I love the ocean. 15 minutes of meditation and I am calm.

How do you destress?