I’m Going to be Jubilee for Halloween

With a little over a week until Halloween, I finally got my costume together. As usual, I dithered over who to dress up as.

When it came down it, my Halloween costume had to be something I could easily cobble together and that I could also wear on campus since Halloween falls on a school day for me. I may be in a graduate program, but I doubt wearing sexy, revealing costumes are going to fly.

My first thought was Jubilee from the X-Men, but the few stores I casually went into didn’t have her trademark yellow jacket, so I had to improve and choose something else.

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So I decided that a female Han Solo costume would work. I mean, even if I don’t do it exactly, it wouldn’t be hard to get everything, right?

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Today, I went into a year round Halloween store and began shopping in earnest. As great as it would be to purchase an already made costume, I didn’t want to do that. They’re so expensive! Even if it was just a shirt, it was too expensive.

Halloween cat at the doorway.

When I entered the store, a father and a little girl were leaving and it was the little girl who noticed the cat. I prompted took a picture of the cat as he peered at the door like he was a guard cat. The employee nearby said the cat lived in the store, though I didn’t catch the cat’s name.

The store did have a Chun Li costume as well as a male Han Solo costume and I tried both of them on for funsies. The Chun Li costume was both a little too tight and way too revealing in my lower extremities, which wouldn’t do at all for school. Even if I wore leggings underneath and then put on the costume, it would be a little too much and since it didn’t fit, I knew I had to let it go.

The Han Solo costume fit a little better, but it was over $60, and there was no way I was going to pay that price when I could browse Goodwill stores and find something so much cheaper.

Halloween cat on the counter.

I found a belt with leg holster though it wasn’t what I wanted, but I’ll try to work with it.

I went to a nearby Goodwill store and I spotted a yellow short raincoat. Jackpot! I could be Jubilee, after all. I quickly searched the store for the rest of the outfit and tried them on.

The beginning of my Jubilee costume.

It worked. I purchased glow sticks from a dollar store and I have my fingerless gloves from last year. I’m so excited for my costume and I think next year, I’ll attempt harder to put together a female Han Solo costume since I have the leg holster and a (keychain) space gun (in order to bring it to campus).

Patty Jenkins is Directing the Wonder Woman Sequel

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Yay, Patty Jenkins is returning to direct the Wonder Woman sequel!

I figured it was going to happen because Jenkins did such a fabulous job at directing Wonder Woman as well as the movie kicking some major butt in the box office, but you never know. When the first Wonder Woman came out, Jenkins hadn’t been contracted to direct the sequel and considering the DCEU has already proven how much they like making mistakes, it was entirely possible not having her direct again was going to be their next mistake.

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(Let’s be real, there will be a next mistake for the DCEU, but at least it won’t be this).

The sequel is due to come out December 13, 2019, so filming should start sooner or later in order to hit that date. I’m so excited. ๐Ÿ˜€

Reference: Patty Jenkins Closes Deal to Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

Black Panther teaser trailer is out

The Black Panther teaser trailer is out and wow. Wow! I am so ready to watch this movie. I don’t know much about Black Panther because the only connection I had to Black Panther was by way of Storm when I heard she married him in the comic books (and he was a jerk to her and they divorced/got the marriage annulled? Basically, not good things about Black Panther). But I really liked T’Challa when he appeared in Captain America: Civil War, so I was willing to give his movie a shot.

Shallowly, everyone is looking finnnnne in this movie, as does the scenery in Wakanda. I don’t know who Michael B Jordan is playing (probably a bad guy with a character name like Erik Killmonger), but he looks gorgeous in this.

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Not sure what the story is going to be for the movie, but that’s okay because I go into a lot of the MCU movies without knowing what the story is. Maybe it’s because I’m still riding the positive thought waves from watching Wonder Woman recently, but I am ready to believe that Black Panther is going to knock it out of the park as well.

Black Panther will be in theaters February 16, 2018.

What do you think of the Black Panther teaser trailer?

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Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

I went out on Thursday night and watched Wonder Woman. Let me just say that it is amazing and I want to watch it again in theaters. I rarely watch movies in theaters, let alone repeat of movies, so this is a brand new feeling for me. Especially so because Wonder Woman is essentially an origin story and I thought I was tired of origin stories. But I guess it’s just because movies keep using the same ones over and over again (and I’m looking at the three Spider-Man franchises when I say this. Let Peter Parker grow up or tell the story of someone else who played Spider-Man).

I bought a Wonder Woman shirt from Hot Topic for the Wonder Woman premiere because of course I’m going to. When I watched Batman v Superman in the theaters (that was a waste of money, ah well), I didn’t have a DC shirt so I wore my Women of Marvel shirt instead. For this movie, I wanted to be on point.

I ordered my ticket through fandango and chose a nearby theater. I got ready, also wearing my long, flowing blue skirt (mostly because it reminded me of Diana’s dress from the trailer) along with my Wonder Woman shirt, and drove to the theaters.

Fortunately, this theater also sells alcohol and I bought a drink. I’m really glad I did because the bartender said my outfit was missing something and handed me his Wonder Woman armbands that the employees were wearing. ๐Ÿ˜€

With drink, water, and a hot dog in hand, I was ready to watch this movie because it’s been a long time coming.

Spoilers below.

There were genuine funny moments in the movie, and not in a “this is stupid” kind of way like there was in BvS. Diana is adorable as a fish out of water, and the people around her were great as they reacted to her.

I enjoyed the action scenes, from the Amazons vs Germans, to Diana vs Germans. WWI is perfect for Diana’s brand of melee and seeing her come out of the trenches is just perfect. She takes on all the fire so the Allies could finally cross no man’s land. Yes, there’s a lot of slowmo cuts in the action scenes, but it didn’t actually bother me.

Diana grew up on the island of Themyscira so innocent. Though her aunt, General Antiope trained her to be the greatest Amazon warrior, her and her mother, Queen Hippolyta kept her in the dark. The horrors WWI and losing Steve makes her realize what the world truly is and I can see this Diana wanting to withdraw from it until BvS.

Her freak out when she thinks she’s completed her mission of killing Ares, but realizing it changed nothing about the evil men broke my heart. Steve is trying to reassure her and convince her of the good of mankind and make her feel better all while hearing the tick tock of time running out in his head because he has to complete his mission of preventing that gas from being used on more innocent people. She’s done with this world and Steve still lives in it, and tells her while mankind doesn’t deserve her, it’s about believing and love.

The main villain in this when he’s finally revealed, Ares, was kind of a let down from General Ludendorff and Dr. Isabel Maru (Doctor Poison). I just couldn’t take him seriously at all and after all the physicality of previous fights, his wasn’t. But I can overlook that because everything else in the movie was just so great.

I give Wonder Woman 9.5/10 stars and I am ready to watch it all over again.

Star Wars Vanity Fair covers

There are Vanity Fair covers of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi cast. Even before I saw the covers, I was already geeking out. I’ve been in love with Star Wars for as long as I remember and I’ve been waiting for this trilogy since I was a teenager.

I clicked on the article and ahhhh, that first cover! Leia is the princess of my heart and it was both breathtaking and heartbreaking to see her again in The Force Awakens as General Leia. And then her actress Carrie Fisher died and my heart broke even further. RIP Carrie Fisher.

So seeing Carrie Fisher’s Leia in a solo cover just brought back those memories and regret that her role in the new movies will be reduced. I was ready to see Leia’s story once more on the big screen because Leia deserved that. There will be some Leia, though I don’t know in what capacity and it won’t be through CGI, but that’s not enough.

The next cover features Poe, Finn, and newcomer Rose (with bonus BB-8). No lie, I am super excited to see a prominent Asian actor in a Star Wars role. I know nothing about Rose except her name, but considering she’s on a cover, it’s not going to be a minor role.

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without its bad guys. Here’s Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, and General Hux. It’d be nice to see more of Phasma and Hux since they were barely in the last movie I feel like, and Kylo Ren getting punched in the face by someone because of what he did in The Force Awakens.

Last, but not least, the Jedi! Well, Luke Skywalker is a Jedi and I’m assuming Rey will be trained to become one as well. I don’t know if we’ll find out about Rey’s parentage in this movie, but I have my theories and I hope I’m right.

I am ready to throw my money at this movie because it’s Star Wars and I’m a huge fan, but alas, I still have months to wait and these covers are not helping.

Reference: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Vanity Fair Covers Make Us Feel So Many Emotions

International Womenโ€™s Day: Pt 7, Chloe Bennet

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is, according to this article, “a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements โ€“ from the political to the social โ€“ while calling for gender equality.”

Though why not celebrate with a week instead? Every day, I’ll highlight a woman and her achievements for International Women’s Day and keep this celebration going.

Today is the last day of my week long celebration of International Women’s Day with seven women and their accomplishments. The best part is that, there are hundreds upon thousands of women everywhere worth celebrating.

Today’s woman is actress and singer Chloe Bennet. Chloe was originally born as Chloe Wang in Chicago, Illinois on April 18, 1992. When she was a teenager, she moved to China to live with her grandparents and pursued a singing career.

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Uh Oh (English Version)

Uh Oh (Chinese Version)

She released a few singles before moving to Los Angeles. Chloe’s first acting appearance was in 2010 on The Nightlife. A few years later, Chloe was cast as the hacker Skye in 2013 on Agents of SHIELD.

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The timeline of Chloe’s character has gone from hacker to SHIELD agent to Inhuman Daisy Johnson aka Quake.

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Her role as Daisy Johnson is her biggest role to date and she has thrived as part of the cast.

Via Pinterest
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She also has been outspoken about a lot of Marvel and Asian issues.

Agents of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet: Why I Stopped Using My Chinese Last Name

Collider News: ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Star Says Marvel Doesn’t Care About the Show

Chloe Bennet Speaks Out Against Gigi Hadid and Steve Harvey for Making ‘Ignorant’ Asian Jokes

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Anime Ringtones

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I saw this on Pinterest and laughed. Too bad Agent Romanoff hasn’t done this sort of pose because it’d be great. And it segues into today’s post.

I went on a ringtone spree the other day and it was glorious. It started when my phone rang while I was in the kitchen. I heard this unfamiliar ring and was confused over the sound because my ringtone was Peanut Butter Jelly Time from Family Guy.

But when I returned to my room, I saw that I missed a call. It was a wrong number so I wasn’t too worried about it, but I checked my settings and saw that my phone wasn’t set to my normal ringtone. Okay, that happens from time to time. Time to return it back to…oh wait. That’s when it occurred to me that I should change my ringtone. While Peanut Butter Jelly Time worked for me over the years, it was time for a change.

I’ve been getting into watching a bunch of anime again and I decided to look for anime ringtones. There was an opening song to an anime I really enjoy that I wanted as my ringtone, but alas, I couldn’t find it on the ringtone app. But I found three anime ringtones that I knew I wanted.

My default ringtone was going to the opening song for Hikaru no Go. It’s upbeat, cheery, and every time I hear it, it reminds me of how much I love the heck out of this anime.

My text notification needed a new update as well. I searched and found the Haikyuu!! opening song for the second half of season 1. It’s the one I hear the most because people tend to text me instead of calling me. It’s a great song, so I don’t mind hearing it so often.

Then I found an ending song from Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma that was perfect for one of my friends because she loves food and even went to culinary school.

But that wasn’t all. I hadn’t set a personal ringtone for my mom just yet and now was the perfect time. My mom is a huge fan of Journey and while I tried and failed to find a specific song from their previous lead singer, I did find the intro to Don’t Stop Believing. New ringtone. ๐Ÿ™‚

At one point, I stopped looking for ringtones for specific contacts in my phone and just started listening to all the ringtones available in my ringtone app. Oops. But now my phone has new ringtones and I’m pretty happy with my selection.

Jamie Chung To Play Blink

I love Jamie Chung and I’ve watched her in a bunch of movies and shows. I love and have been a fan of X-Men since I was a young girl. Now these two great flavors are coming together as Jamie Chung is going to play the character Blink in a new Marvel pilot on Fox.

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Jamie Chung to Play Blink in Foxโ€™s Marvel Pilot From Bryan Singer

According to the article:
The pilot from 20th Century Fox TV and Marvel Television will focus on two ordinary parents who discover their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive.

That sounds intriguing and I’m curious how the show will advance this story. I also want to know how developed Blink’s storyline will be in the series because I want her to be one of the main characters and not just a supporting character. Blink has been seen in the live action x-Men movie, played by Fan Bingbing in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), but I’m hoping death won’t be in this Blink’s future.

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The article doesn’t list a title for the series or when it’ll air, but I’m going to keep a look out for it when it gets greenlit.

My Scarlet Witch Halloween costume

The Halloween costume I decided on this year was Scarlet Witch. I figured it’d be easy enough to cobble together and for relatively cheap (I’m a graduate student, cheap is very important). Unfortunately, her costume (neither the ones from the Marvel movies or her more risque costume from the comics) were available at the costume places I tried as a ready-to-wear costume, so my only option was cobbling something together.

I decided to try for Scarlet Witch’s Captain America: Civil War outfit where she’s wearing pants and a corset. However, I couldn’t find a corset and when I did, it didn’t fit (neither costume or regular corsets were cheap either).

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

That’s okay. I could try her Age of Ultron costume where she’s wearing a black dress and a short red jacket. Fortunately, I found both at a local Goodwill. Score!

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

I purchased fingerless gloves from a Halloween costume store and a red organza Christmas ribbon from a craft shop so I could unwind it and wrap it around my gloves to simulate Scarlet Witch’s powers.

The red jacket and black dress. I completed the look with a necklace and black boots.
The red jacket and black dress. I completed the look with a necklace and black boots.
My black fingerless gloves with Scarlet Witch's "power"
My black fingerless gloves with Scarlet Witch’s “power”

Altogether, it cost me under $25 which is WAY less than what a regular costume would cost at a Halloween costume shop and I had fun walking around as Scarlet Witch. This is definitely a win. ๐Ÿ™‚

Potential Halloween Costumes This Year

Halloween is coming up in about a week and I’m pretty excited. I love dressing up in costumes. I’ll never be as awesome as some of my cosplay friends, especially because they probably create their own outfits and I purchase mine from stores, but I try.

Last year, I dressed up as Harley Quinn and the year before that, I was Little Red Riding Hood. This year, I have a ton of ideas, but what I choose all depends on time, money, and if I can cobble the costume together.

Some of my Halloween costume ideas are anime in nature. I was thinking about Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon, Shimizu Kiyoko from Haikyuu!!, female version of Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu!!, or Tadokoro Megumi from Shokugeki no Soma. The latter three would be relatively easy to cobble together a costume, but since I want to go to an anime convention next year, I’ve been leaning against these choices because I can use them when I cosplay during the con.

Shimizu Kiyoko cosplay from Haikyuu!!, via Pinterest
Shimizu Kiyoko from Haikyuu!!, via Pinterest

I also thought about Chun Li from Street Fighter since it was one of my potentials last year, so I went to a nearby costume shop to see if they had this. They unfortunately sold out from the ones they had from last year and weren’t ordering anymore. Nooo, why!

Chin Li cosplay, via Pinterest
Chin Li cosplay, via Pinterest

There’s also the Marvel possibilities like Agent Melinda May or Agent Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD, or Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic Movies. Those costumes would be a little more easier to cobble together, except for the SHIELD badges I’d need, but it’s doable.

Scarlet Witch, via Pinterest
Scarlet Witch, via Pinterest

And let’s not forget Wonder Woman from the Batman v Superman movie because Gal Gadot was amazing. I even saw a costume at the store that is pretty similar to what Gal wore in the movie, but the downside is that it’s pretty expensive at almost $50. I love Wonder Woman, but do I love her $50 worth for one day?

Wonder Woman cosplay, via Pinterest
Wonder Woman cosplay, via Pinterest

I’m still debating about my Halloween costume, so consider this a work a progress.