My new funko pop! Agent May

My funko pop collection is slowly growing and my latest funko pop is all thanks to my best friend. On the list of funko pops that I wanted, Agent May from Agents of SHIELD was on the top of my list. Melinda May, aka the Calvary, played by the talented Ming-na Wen, is one of my favorite characters on the show, so of course I wanted her funko pop. Except, when I looked in my local stores for her, she wasn’t there. I checked online on Amazon, but I wasn’t going to spend the money on shipping plus the cost of the funko pop itself.

My best friend flew up to see me recently and we had a blast while she was here on her trip. After she flew back home, she texted me and said I should check my mail for my present. I thought her trip here was my present and insisted that was enough, but my best friend is amazing and had to go on and top herself.

Front of the box.
Front of the box.

When I checked my mail a few days later… I gasped when I saw the shape of the box. It was small and looked like a funko pop box. I tore it open and nearly swooned when I saw my Agent May funko pop inside. I immediately called my best friend to thank her profusely. She knew I wanted to build a funko pop collection and how much I wanted Agent May, but I never expected her to get me it.

Back of the box.
Back of the box.

Look at how awesome my funko pop is! I think Agent Romanoff approves.

Agent May and Agent Romanoff.
Agent May and Agent Romanoff.

Wonder Woman: movie and Funko Pop

My best friend was in town for the last couple of weeks on vacation, so I spent offline time having fun and getting into shenanigans with her. But I am back and ready to continue blogging about geek and cat things.


Gal Gadot finished wrapping on the solo Wonder Woman movie. Yay! Gal Gadot Wraps ‘Wonder Woman’ Filming, Thanks Cast and Crew. I loved Gal as Wonder Woman in the Batman v Superman movie and I can’t wait to see her in action in her own movie.

Via Entertainment Weekly

The first movie about Wonder Woman comes out June 2017 and I can’t believe it’s taken this long to even happen. She is part of DC’s Trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) and the former two have had scores of movies and shows over the years.

I finally got a Funko Pop and my first one was Wonder Woman from the Batman v Superman movie. Look how pretty she is!


I haven’t figured out how I want to display my future Funko Pop collection, but I have plenty of time before that becomes a problem. Now I need to collect all the things!

Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD as a new Funko Pop

I’ve never been much of a collector of geeky things, whether it’s cards or posters or action figurines. One reason is that I keep moving all over the place, so I never really had a permanent place to showcase them because I’d just keep repacking them into boxes for the next move. I’m staying here for the next few years though and I want to make my apartment a home. The other reason is that collecting anything is expensive.

However, it feels right to start collecting now, which means figuring out what to collect. I don’t want something too gaudy or small. If I’m going to collect something, I want to be able to showcase it in my apartment, but without it overtaking my apartment. And since my interests are wide and varied, I wanted a product that would let me purchase whatever geeky thing I wanted while my collection remained uniform.

The answer? Funko Pop!

The Funko Pops remind me of Japanese chibi characters which is no problem on my part because I think chibi characters are cute. They’re also relatively cheap, depending on which ones I want to get.

I’ve been looking at different websites to see what’s out there and I can’t wait to start collecting.

Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy Johnson on Agents of SHIELD, announced on her Instagram that Funko Pop is coming out with her character as the latest Funko Pop figurine.

Via instagram
Via instagram

I love Daisy Johnson and I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on her Funko Pop figurine. They need to update when this is actually coming out!

In the meanwhile, I’ll work on getting other Funko Pops. There’s plenty of DC/Marvel ones I’ve been eyeing, as well as Star Wars characters. Not to mention Agent Melinda May from the Agents of SHIELD collection who is already out.


I wonder if someday Funko Pop will make one for Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird)? Time to make a list of which characters I want to collect.

Does anyone else collect Funko Pop characters?