Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl LI just happened this previous Sunday and wow! I’m a huge New England Patriots fan and the first half of that game was brutal for me to watch. The game went into halftime with the score of 21-3 and the Atlanta Falcons crushing the Patriots.

I consoled myself that the Patriots have come back worse than this mess in the second half, though not on the scale of a Super Bowl. And then they did come back! The game ended 34-28 in favor the Patriots and my screams of joy echoed throughout the apartment at their win.

I watched the game with my cat, Agent Romanoff by my side. I had to study, so I wasn’t able to host or go to a friend’s Super Bowl party. That didn’t mean though that I didn’t think about hosting a Super Bowl during the game.

Someday, I want to go to a Super Bowl game. That would be a dream come true. But until then, I want to host awesome Super Bowl parties.

I went on Pinterest to get ideas for next year’s game and I was not disappointed with what I found, from decorations to food.

Via Pinterest

I love this set up and how the chalkboard has the words ‘Ready Set Eat’ along with it looking like a playbook. The food and drinks are set up for ease, I think.

Via Pinterest

A snack stadium! That would be super adorable and something I want to try someday.

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Yellow napkins for yellow penalty flags. Practical and cute!

Via Pinterest

Cupcakes that look like delicious footballs.

Via Pinterest

A bunch of different snacks that are in Patriot colors. I saw a few of these for specific teams, so if you’re not a Patriots fan or the game doesn’t have the Patriots in it, the colors can be changed.

Via Pinterest

Chicken and waffle sliders. That’d be a lot of work, but I think it’d be great to have one year for a party.

I have an entire year before the next Super Bowl rolls around which is plenty of time to figure out what ideas I want to use for a Super Bowl party.

Week 1 of the NFL

Football season has arrived and week 1 games have been played! \o/

Throughout the rest of the year, I’m just waiting for the return of the NFL season so I can watch my two favorite teams win. I use the NFL Mobile app on my phone and I watch all the games through their Red Zone button which lets me watch all the morning/early afternoon games whenever a team reaches the red zone and/or scores a touchdown. Then I can watch the entirety of a night game on Sunday and Monday night.

The games this past Sunday on September 11th have been cray cray! Plenty of games were either won by 1 point or by teams that came up from behind in the 4th quarter.

My Seahawks won their game against the Dolphins by 2 points (10-12 final score) while my Patriots, temporarily quarterbacked by Jimmy Garoppolo, won against the Cardinals by 2 points (23-21 final score). WOO!

I’m going to ride these good feeling wins all week long. <3

Via Pinterest Via Pinterest

Not my cat, but how could I resist a cat dressed up as Marshawn Lynch? I really can’t!