International Women’s Day: Pt 3, Cristeta Comerford

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is, according to this article, “a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality.”

Though why not celebrate with a week instead? Every day, I’ll highlight a woman and her achievements for International Women’s Day and keep this celebration going.

Today’s woman is Cristeta Comerford. She was the White House Executive Chef during the W. Bush and Obama years, making her the first woman and first ethnic minority to hold her position.

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Cristeta was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States later in life. She started in the US at the Sheraton Hotel near the O’Hare International Airport. Cristeta began working in the White House in 1995 and was appointed her executive chef position in 2005. She even competed on Iron Chef with Bobby Flay as her partner and won against Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali.

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Here are some articles detailing more about Cristeta Comerford and her culinary life.

What’s it like to feed the most powerful man in the world?

Of Iron Chefs and Healthy Eating

7 Servings of Work Wisdom From White House Chef Cristeta Comerford

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Boba Tea

I have a confession to make. I don’t like boba tea. I know, I know, that makes me a fail Asian. But to be fair, I don’t like fruit all that much and boba tea flavors are usually fruit flavors.

What is boba tea, you might be asking? Boba tea is a type of drink that is also known as bubble tea or pearl tea. It was created in Taiwan and most boba teas are tea based with milk or fruit mixed into it and contain tapioca balls or fruit jelly that you can chew.

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There are a ton of flavors for boba tea. Some popular flavors are:

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If you’ve never tried boba tea, but you enjoy both tea and fruit, here are some places I found through Yelp in a few cities:

Brew Tea Bar – Southwest Las Vegas, NV
Kung Fu Tea – Chinatown in Las Vegas, NV
Bubble U – Chinatown in Los Angeles, CA
Home Brewed Bar – Pasadena, CA
Little Heaven Deli – Mission in San Francisco, CA
5 Sweets – Ingleside in San Francisco, CA
Sharetea – Renton, WA
Pearls Tea & Cafe – Cottage Grove in Seattle, WA

If you’re not in those cities, but there is a boba tea shop near your location, even better. Hopefully, it’s to your liking because if I can’t drink boba tea, I want someone else to drink it for me!

What is your favorite boba tea flavor?

Review: Uber Eats

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Despite the fact that Uber Eats has been in my city for a couple of months now, I’ve only just found out that they’re here.

What’s Uber Eats, you’re asking? They’re part of Uber, the company that picks and drops you off when you request for a ride on your phone app. But instead of delivering people, Uber Eats delivers food.

You can use the website, which is how I order food, or you can use the Uber Eats app on your phone. Just type in your address for food delivery to see what open restaurants are available to you.

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Fortunately for me, there are plenty of restaurants available. My options range from Mexican to Mediterranean to Japanese and to even donuts! I like that I have a wide variety of options, so when I’m hungry but don’t want to leave my apartment, I don’t have to search for a restaurant with delivery service, or limiting myself to just pizza.

The delivery info is pretty simple. You’ve already given your address to see what restaurants are available to you for ordering, but you can also add in apartment number as well as a delivery note. If you’re like me and live in a gated apartment, don’t forget to add the gate code. I’ve forgotten a few times and have had the delivery person call me to ask for it so they could get inside. And if you know that it’s tricky to find the address you’re at, add in instructions how to get there! This helps both you (getting the food faster) and the driver (who doesn’t have to take as long to find you).

The cost depends on what you order. There is the cost of the food, tax, as well as a booking fee. Currently, there is no option to add tip for the delivery person, so if you want to tip them, you’ll have to do it in cash.

I love Uber and I’m glad there’s an Uber Eats in my area. There are also other food delivery services, like Postmates and Grubhub, but I like Uber Eats simply because I already used Uber in the first place. Now it’s time for me to order some food because I’m hungry.

Have you used Uber Eats or similar food delivery services before? How’d you like it?

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl LI just happened this previous Sunday and wow! I’m a huge New England Patriots fan and the first half of that game was brutal for me to watch. The game went into halftime with the score of 21-3 and the Atlanta Falcons crushing the Patriots.

I consoled myself that the Patriots have come back worse than this mess in the second half, though not on the scale of a Super Bowl. And then they did come back! The game ended 34-28 in favor the Patriots and my screams of joy echoed throughout the apartment at their win.

I watched the game with my cat, Agent Romanoff by my side. I had to study, so I wasn’t able to host or go to a friend’s Super Bowl party. That didn’t mean though that I didn’t think about hosting a Super Bowl during the game.

Someday, I want to go to a Super Bowl game. That would be a dream come true. But until then, I want to host awesome Super Bowl parties.

I went on Pinterest to get ideas for next year’s game and I was not disappointed with what I found, from decorations to food.

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I love this set up and how the chalkboard has the words ‘Ready Set Eat’ along with it looking like a playbook. The food and drinks are set up for ease, I think.

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A snack stadium! That would be super adorable and something I want to try someday.

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Yellow napkins for yellow penalty flags. Practical and cute!

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Cupcakes that look like delicious footballs.

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A bunch of different snacks that are in Patriot colors. I saw a few of these for specific teams, so if you’re not a Patriots fan or the game doesn’t have the Patriots in it, the colors can be changed.

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Chicken and waffle sliders. That’d be a lot of work, but I think it’d be great to have one year for a party.

I have an entire year before the next Super Bowl rolls around which is plenty of time to figure out what ideas I want to use for a Super Bowl party.

New Girl Scout Cookies

Speaking of s’mores, there’s some exciting news coming from the Girl Scouts. Two pieces of exciting news in the form of brand new cookies for 2017!

The press release from the Girl Scouts states that their new flavors are going to be Girl Scout S’mores cookies, one version as “a crispy graham cookie double dipped in a crème icing and enrobed in a chocolatey coating.”


The other version is “a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling.” Even better, the chocolatey coated s’more cookie will be vegan and neither will contain artificial flavors.


Unfortunately, these cookies are going to be available in select markets in 2017 and they didn’t say where those select markets are going to be. I hope they choose where I live. I want these cookies in my life right now!


Review: S’mores Chips Ahoy

I went grocery shopping the other day and saw that Chips Ahoy came out with a s’mores flavored cookie. I got pretty excited at seeing it because I love smores and I will definitely buy a product if it’s s’mores flavored. So while I already had some cookies in my shopping cart, I also got the s’mores Chips Ahoy to try out as well.


When I got home and put away my groceries, I told myself to be good and not rip open the packaging right away. I was going to eat my dinner first, watch a movie on Netflix… and then rip open into the packaging to try out a cookie. I’ve already tried out the S’mores Oreos and I really like those. If this was just as good, I could then just choose between the two whenever I was in the mood for cookies and was grocery shopping (which basically meant whichever was cheaper at the time).

I ate my dinner, drank some water to cleanse the palate, so to speak, and opened up the package.


The first thing I noticed was how crumbly it was. I was not expecting it to be so crumbly. I love soft cookies, but this was too soft. Not a good first impression. As I lifted the cookie to my mouth, the cookie started to crumble even more. No, cookie! I want you in my mouth, not falling apart in my fingers!

I finally got the cookie in my mouth and I expected s’mores flavor to hit me full force. Or even somewhat s’mores flavor to hit me. This cookie should be in the vicinity of s’mores. However, when I ate the cookie, I didn’t taste s’mores at all. It tasted off, like it was supposed to be another flavor. I paused and took a drink of water. Maybe I was imagining things. This was the first time I’ve had this cookie and it’d been awhile since I’ve eaten anything s’mores flavored, so I tried another cookie. Nope, it still tasted odd.

I was quite disappointed because I bought this package of cookies in order to consume their little cookie souls, but I didn’t even want to eat another cookie, let alone the entire thing. Fortunately, I go to grad school with a bunch of hungry classmates, so I brought the cookies to campus the next day and they finished it off. No one commented on the flavor, making me think I was just imagining things, when the second to the last person to eat a cookie took a bite of the entire thing and made a face.

“What?” I asked.

“What flavor is this?”


“It doesn’t taste like s’mores. It tastes like cherries. I don’t want anymore.”

I don’t think it tasted like cherries, but I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one who thought it didn’t taste like s’mores.

The next time I’m in the grocery store, I’m going to give S’mores Chips Ahoy a wide berth and go for something tried and true if I want my s’mores fix.

Snack shopping at the Asian grocery store

I went shopping at the Asian grocery store the other day to pick up some ingredients to cook some meals and I ended up getting some snacks as well.


I admit, just buying them made me feel a little bit more Asian. 😉


I grew up eating chicharon as a snack. It’s fried pork rinds and it is delicious. Chicharon is crunchy and the bag I purchased is flavored with salt and vinegar.

20160317_143131 20160317_143134

This is pan de ube and is a bit of a twofer in terms of explanation. Pan means bread and there’s a lot of different types of pan, like pan de sal (yes, the English translation means salted bread, but it’s not what you think and it’s so much more than that, but that’s a different post). Ube is purple yam and ube can be made into a lot of different things, from ube ice cream to ube cake.

It’s been forever since I’ve eaten ube, so I couldn’t help but pick this up to eat. The ube wasn’t that sweet, which was just fine for me, and I ate them right up for my breakfasts.


I rarely eat fruit and I normally don’t like mango. However, the exception to this is green mango. Green mango isn’t sweet like a ripe mango, but sour. I tend to eat green mango with bagon gata or soy sauce. It’s been awhile though since I’ve eaten green mango and when I saw this, I decided why not and placed it in my shopping cart.

It’s always good to get back to one’s roots every now and then, and starting off with Filipino snacks is a delicious way to do just that.

Paalam! (Goodbye!)

Making curry udon

I was rewatching the last few episodes of the anime Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma on Hulu which showcased a curry battle between the students. As I watched I realized, “Oh wait, I have a curry mix in my cupboard. I have udon. I can make curry udon!”

I’m not a cook by any means. I never went to culinary school like my roommate and I’m not a home cook like the ones you see on Masterchef or even Masterchef Junior (those kids are amazing!). I rely heavily on recipes that I find on Pinterest and because I rarely cook, there are plenty of cooking hacks I am unaware of. There’s a reason why I ask my roommate a lot of culinary questions.

I looked up examples of curry udon on Pinterest, though none of them were exactly the set up I had with my curry and udon. Then I went into the kitchen.

Japanese style noodles Inaka Udon Golden Curry sauce mix

I boiled water in a pot and then placed the udon noodles inside until it became soft and cooked. I also added salt to the water for taste. I poured the udon and water out into a colander, then cooled it with cool water. While I placed that aside, I began to work on the curry.

It wasn’t until I opened up the package that I realized it was the type of curry that didn’t come with vegetables. It was a big block of curry and, reading the wrong side though I didn’t realize there were two sets of instructions, began to pour water and breaking down the block in the microwave for 7 minutes. It wasn’t until I was midway through microwaving the curry that I realize the other side of the package had the stove instructions for it and I was doing the microwave instructions. Ah well! Every 2 minutes, I took the curry out to stir it.

While I waited for my curry, I remembered that I just purchased bok choy and eggs. I poured more water back into the pot I cooked udon in, washed and chopped up my bok choy, and when the water was boiling, I put in the bok choy. I also got my eggs and cracked into the pot to cook. If I had better culinary skills, I’d do something fancy with eggs like poaching, but nope. I just wanted to make sure the eggs were cooked.

When the bok choy and eggs were ready, I poured them out into a colander, then placed the udon back in the pot. I added the bok choy, eggs, and curry onto the udon before mixing them all together.

Curry udon with bok choy and eggs.
Curry udon with bok choy and eggs.

I took a bite of the curry udon and it was tasty! I made plenty to last me awhile. Since it was pretty easy to make and it was tasty until the last bite, I plan to make more in the future.

Review: Lay’s Korean Barbecue chips

Do you like Korean barbecue? Do you like potato chips? Then I highly recommend you run to your nearest store and pick up a bag of Lays’ Korean Barbecue flavored potato chips. Just like their previous bags of chips that are based off some food dish (Reuben sandwiches, gyros, etc), their Korean Barbecue chips taste exactly like Korean barbecue tastes like.


I first saw the bag of chips at a local drugstore while I was picking up something else to purchase. Go figure I go into the drugstore for one thing and come out with several other things not on my list. But I was curious because I love me some Korean barbecue and honestly, I would eat it every day if I could. I’ve tried their previous bags of chips and those chips tasted exactly like the real dish it was based off of, but this was Korean barbecue we’re talking about. There’s so much that goes into Korean barbecue that I didn’t think it was possible to match that right note of deliciousness. I bought two small bags because they were on sale together and went home to try it out.

The first chip I put into my mouth had my eyes widening and my tongue extremely happy. It did taste like Korean barbecue and I had to stop myself from consuming the entire bag in that moment. I waited until my roommate came home and offered her some chips. Maybe I had gotten it wrong. Maybe I was imagining it tasted like Korean barbecue. She loved Korean barbecue just as much as I did, so she’d tell me the truth.

Her reaction to the chips was the same reaction I had and she almost tried to inhale my bag of chips. Instead I offered her the other bag and it didn’t long before we ate everything up.

I even let Agent Romanoff sniff a chip to see what she thought about it. I was surprised, but she actually started licking the chip, so it’s cat approved (though I tried it again and she sniffed at it before turning away. Agent Romanoff is so fickle).

Lays, you did it again and the next time I went out shopping, I bought myself a larger bag to eat. The Lays Korean Barbecue chips are dangerous in a good way and I hope they stick around because eating a bag of chips is a lot cheaper than going to a Korean restaurant every night to eat.