Agent Romanoff’s Birthday

Today is Agent Romanoff’s third birthday and we celebrated it with a small party. By small, I mean just between my cat and I.

I “made” my cat a birthday cake out of Fancy Feast wet food topped with her cat treats.

It’s nowhere near as fancy as cakes I’ve seen on Pinterest for other cats, but Agent Romanoff enjoyed it.

It took her awhile to finish her cake, but she finished off the entire thing.

Agent Romanoff loves ribbons so I got her some new ribbons to play with as her birthday present.

My cat also loves chasing after the red dot, so I got out the laser pointer and let her chase it all around the living room until she got tired and took a nap.

It was a good day and I hope to go bigger for Agent Romanoff’s fourth birthday next year.

Cats Do The Weirdest Things

They’re cats, of course they’re going to do weird things! I love my cat, Agent Romanoff, and while I’ve only had her for almost a year now, I feel like there’s so many things I’m learning about her (and her learning about me).

There is one thing that Agent Romanoff constantly does that is pretty weird to me, but she’s so cute that I just let it ride. What is this thing that she does?

Well, a few months ago, I received a gift from Bath & Body Works from a friend and it came with a blue ribbon. I untied the ribbon from the plastic wrapper and dangled it above Agent Romanoff’s head because I figured she’d like it as a toy. She did, but she got bored of me dangling it pretty fast, so I dropped it on the floor for her to play with it when she wanted to.

That was when I began to notice that the ribbon would, more often than not, end up partially in Agent Romanoff’s water bowl. I admit, it took me weeks to realize Agent Romanoff was doing this on purpose. Every time I saw the ribbon in her water bowl, I’d take it out of the bowl and fill it back up again. Rinse repeat almost every other day until I realized that this wasn’t just an accident, but she did it with intent.

I could have thrown away the ribbon to stop Agent Romanoff from doing that, but I decided not to spoil her fun. Instead, I decided to see just how far my cat would go to dip her ribbon into her water bowl. I moved the ribbon across the living room and went to campus to go to my classes. When I came back, Agent Romanoff managed to drag the ribbon back to her water bowl.

Then I placed her ribbon on top of her scratcher to see what she’d do. I saw her stretch up on her hind legs to pull it down, but she waited until I was gone before she dragged the ribbon back to her water bowl.

I hid the ribbon behind my large notepad and waited until she discovered it. She did and dragged it out into the open, but again, she waited until I was gone (this time I was asleep) before dragging it into her water bowl.

I don’t know why Agent Romanoff does this, but she does it no matter what I do with the ribbon, so I’m just letting her continue on with her awesome self. Cats do the weirdest things!

What does your cat do constantly that’s weird?

Review: Leaps & Bounds Winged Chase

Agent Romanoff loves chasing after things, like her BB-8 cat teaser, and I wanted to get her a toy that would allow her to take full advantage of her hunting ability. I went to the pet store to see what they had in stock.

The first thing I saw was that a lot of the moving cat toys were pretty pricey. I love my cat, but I only have so much money to spend on her. Then I noticed a Leaps & Bounds Winged Chase box on the bottom shelf.


On the box, it states that it:

“-Promotes exercise and spirited play

-Satisfies cats’ instinct to chase

-Includes 2 butterfly attachments”

The toy also requires 3 AA batteries which weren’t included, but I have plenty of batteries at home, so that wasn’t a problem. On the back of the box, there were instructions on how to put the toy together.

It was about $20 and I figured it would work for my needs. When I went to the register, I spoke with the cashier about the toy. She hadn’t seen anyone purchase it before (it was the only box on the shelf) and said if my cat didn’t like, I could always return it with my receipt. Done and done.

I took the toy home and attempted to put it together. First off, it was really hard trying to unscrew the screw where I needed to put in the batteries. A friend helped me to unscrew and screw in the battery box cover after I put in the batteries. Then I installed a butterfly and set it near Agent Romanoff.

I turned on the toy and it spun really fast. The butterfly shook as it spun around in a circle. Agent Romanoff was surprised and she backed off from the toy. Oh no. I’m already thinking I wasted $20 on a toy that she didn’t like so I turned it off. She returned to the toy and sniffed at the butterfly. That was promising and I figured it’ll be a toy that she’ll only like if it’s turned off.

An hour later, I turned on the toy and watched Agent Romanoff’s reaction. She backed away, but it kept her interest as her head turned with the butterfly’s spin. All of a sudden, she pawed at the butterfly and tried to catch as it spun.

Since purchasing the Winged Chase toy, Agent Romanoff loves playing with it. She’s come to a point where she’ll start from the opposite side of my room and run after the butterfly, miss it, and start from my bathroom in order to chase it again. Sometimes she’ll hide with the plastic bag she’s claimed as her own toy as she attempts to catch the butterfly.


I couldn’t find the toy on either the pet store website or Amazon, so I don’t know if it’s still in stock, but Leaps & Bounds company has plenty of toys for sale that I’m tempted to try out for Agent Romanoff since the toy went so well. It’s definitely one of Agent Romanoff’s favorites.

Review: Star Wars cat toys

Hello and Happy National Pet Day!

I visited the pet store recently to get my pusa (cat), Agent Romanoff, some toys. What I found there were cat Star Wars toys and my face basically went 😀 😀 😀 because I love me some Star Wars. I didn’t know what kind of toys Agent Romanoff preferred since all cats are different, but it didn’t matter. If she didn’t like the toys, I’ll be happy with them myself.

The first toy was STAR WARS Han Solo and Princess Leia Mice Cat Toys. They look like mice versions of Han Solo and Princess Leia!

Han and Leia mice toys

I sprayed some liquid catnip on the toys to see how Agent Romanoff would like them. She nuzzled them, kinda batted them a little, but for the most part, she doesn’t play with her mouse toys.

It’s a little disappointing because my late cat loved her mice toys, but like I said, it’s Star Wars so they’re mine now. Han Solo and Princess Leia mice spend their days guarding her food and water bowls.

The second toy I purchased for Agent Romanoff was a Star Wars BB-8 Cat Teaser. At first, Agent Romanoff didn’t like the toy and ignored it. It took awhile though before she began really enjoying the toy.

BB-8 cat teaser

She chases the BB-8 around my boxes over and over again. When she stops, I dangle BB-8 just a couple of feet ahead of her and she crouches to attack. When she attacks, BB-8 moves and the cycle begins anew. Sometimes I let BB-8 fly over her head and she does this adorable acrobatic move in the air that I wish I could capture on video, but it’s hard to record the action and play with her with the toy at the same time. Maybe next time.

Agent Romanoff hates it when I stop using the BB-8 to play with her and will meow quite insistently that I continue. Bossy cats are bossy!

I only bought these two Star Wars toys for my cat, but I definitely want to purchase more. Since my local pet store is running out of the toys, I’ll have to do it through their website, but that’s fine.

If your cat likes mice toys and you like Star Wars, definitely try to get the Han Solo and Princess Leia mice toys. There are other Star Wars versions of these mice toys, like Chewie and Yoda, that I may pick up anyway for myself since Agent Romanoff doesn’t like mice toys in general.

She does, however, love the BB-8 Cat Teaser a great deal. If your cat loves things on a stick and you like Star Wars, definitely pick it up.

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