Physics Paper Co-Authored By a Siamese Cat

I love cats and I love science. When I came across this article, I was amused by the marriage of both of those loves.

The story goes that a physics professor by the name of Jack H. Hetherington was writing an academic paper in 1975. The title of the paper was Two-, Three-, and Four-Atom Exchange Effects in bcc 3He and it was about “atomic behavior at different temperatures” (Atlas Obscura, 2016). The only problem was, after Hetherington finished writing his paper, it was realized that he had used “we” throughout the paper and he was the only writer of said paper.

In order to not rewrite the entire thing to change the pronoun to “I” instead of the “we” that was already there, along with other reasons, Hetherington instead found a co-author to share the credit with, and his Siamese cat, Chester fit his requirements.

Via Pinterest. This isn’t Chester, just a random Siamese cat.

Hetherington didn’t use Chester straight out as his cat’s coauthored credit name and went with F.D.C. Willard. The F.D.C. stands for Felix Domesticus, Chester (aka ‘domestic cat’ – Chester). Willard was the name of Chester’s father.

The paper was published in Physical Review Letters, issue 35.

Agent Romanoff doesn’t care about physics, unfortunately, or publishing papers. But maybe I’ll have her be a coauthor for my next blog post.

Reference: In 1975, a Cat Co-Authored a Physics Paper

Pigeons Are Roosting On My Balcony

I’m home! As soon as I got home, I kicked off my shoes and went straight to bed to nap. Well, napping turned into sleeping most of the day away, but I can’t complain. I needed that.

My cat, Agent Romanoff, was thrilled to see me and prompted meowed all of her stories and rubbed herself on me. I was very happy to see her too because I missed her while I was on my trip.

While I was gone though, a group of pigeons have decided to make my balcony their vacation spot by landing on the railing and/or the top of the light and making a bird scene.

My first thought was, “Noooo, go away pigeons! You’re going to poop everywhere!” But my second thought was, “Oh no, Agent Romanoff must love this.”

And she does. Boy, does she love it when the pigeons visit. I know cats can make their bird noises, but I’ve never heard Agent Romanoff make hers until now with the pigeons. She really loves seeing the pigeons. She crouches low, makes her bird calls, and either stays completely frozen from wherever she is in the apartment, or tries to creep towards the sliding door in an attempt to see them up close.

There is also a pigeon (pigeons?) that looks about half the size of my cat and I think Agent Romanoff is intrigued by that one the most. It was the only one she tried to attack, but because she was inside, only managed to smack her paws against the glass door, making it fly away. 😀

I’m kind of hoping the pigeons leave on their own because it’s not like there’s anything on my balcony to encourage their visit. I know Agent Romanoff loves them, which is why I’m not shooing them away on my own, but they need to go.

Agent Romanoff’s Birthday

Today is Agent Romanoff’s third birthday and we celebrated it with a small party. By small, I mean just between my cat and I.

I “made” my cat a birthday cake out of Fancy Feast wet food topped with her cat treats.

It’s nowhere near as fancy as cakes I’ve seen on Pinterest for other cats, but Agent Romanoff enjoyed it.

It took her awhile to finish her cake, but she finished off the entire thing.

Agent Romanoff loves ribbons so I got her some new ribbons to play with as her birthday present.

My cat also loves chasing after the red dot, so I got out the laser pointer and let her chase it all around the living room until she got tired and took a nap.

It was a good day and I hope to go bigger for Agent Romanoff’s fourth birthday next year.

Cats Do The Weirdest Things

They’re cats, of course they’re going to do weird things! I love my cat, Agent Romanoff, and while I’ve only had her for almost a year now, I feel like there’s so many things I’m learning about her (and her learning about me).

There is one thing that Agent Romanoff constantly does that is pretty weird to me, but she’s so cute that I just let it ride. What is this thing that she does?

Well, a few months ago, I received a gift from Bath & Body Works from a friend and it came with a blue ribbon. I untied the ribbon from the plastic wrapper and dangled it above Agent Romanoff’s head because I figured she’d like it as a toy. She did, but she got bored of me dangling it pretty fast, so I dropped it on the floor for her to play with it when she wanted to.

That was when I began to notice that the ribbon would, more often than not, end up partially in Agent Romanoff’s water bowl. I admit, it took me weeks to realize Agent Romanoff was doing this on purpose. Every time I saw the ribbon in her water bowl, I’d take it out of the bowl and fill it back up again. Rinse repeat almost every other day until I realized that this wasn’t just an accident, but she did it with intent.

I could have thrown away the ribbon to stop Agent Romanoff from doing that, but I decided not to spoil her fun. Instead, I decided to see just how far my cat would go to dip her ribbon into her water bowl. I moved the ribbon across the living room and went to campus to go to my classes. When I came back, Agent Romanoff managed to drag the ribbon back to her water bowl.

Then I placed her ribbon on top of her scratcher to see what she’d do. I saw her stretch up on her hind legs to pull it down, but she waited until I was gone before she dragged the ribbon back to her water bowl.

I hid the ribbon behind my large notepad and waited until she discovered it. She did and dragged it out into the open, but again, she waited until I was gone (this time I was asleep) before dragging it into her water bowl.

I don’t know why Agent Romanoff does this, but she does it no matter what I do with the ribbon, so I’m just letting her continue on with her awesome self. Cats do the weirdest things!

What does your cat do constantly that’s weird?

Almost Happy Birthday To Agent Romanoff!

I’ve had my cat, Agent Romanoff, for almost a year now. She’s going to be three years old. I’ve been thinking about throwing her a birthday party because it’d be both fun and funny. Her ‘cake’ would be wet food decorated with cat treats. I’d pick up a new toy for her as her present. There would be lots of pictures taken, because of course. I can’t forget the laser pointer because Agent Romanoff loves chasing after that red dot.

Looking at Pinterest, I’m not the only one who has had this idea for their pet. It’s just that they’re way more creative than me.

Via Pinterest

This cat has a cute bow and their very own birthday cake. Look how this cat is devouring their cake!

Via Pinterest

This exchange cracks me up. The cat has a party hat on and there’s a Happy Birthday banner in the background. Agent Romanoff would never let me put a hat on her. I’m kind of jealous of these other owners.

Via Pinterest

This owner took her cat’s birthday party to the next level. The cat has a tiara, a fancy dress, and decorations fit for any birthday party.

I doubt Agent Romanoff won’t mind that her own birthday party won’t be as festive as these other cats’ parties. She’s a simple cat who doesn’t have time for that.

But I think it’d be really cute and maybe someday down the line, she’ll let me at least put a party hat on her. I can wait until then.

How do you celebrate your cat’s birthday?

My cat’s separation anxiety

I’ve been going to graduate school for my health professional program for over three months, and it is kicking my behind like nothing I’ve ever done before. I am on campus for over 12 hours every weekday and sometimes just that long or for a couple of hours on the weekend. If I’m not on campus, then I’m at home studying there (or asleep). What this means for me is that I barely have much of a personal life because I’m either at home (basically only to sleep!) or on campus. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to do my errands like shopping for groceries. Good thing I have a deep pantry.

With that lack of time for myself, it means there’s even more lack of time for my cat, Agent Romanoff. She’s at home all day and I know she hates the separation. As soon as I open the door, she’s meowing loudly and running to the door to greet me. I pet her as I take off my shoes before entering the carpeted section of my apartment (Asian rule: take off shoes) and she follows me through the apartment as I put down my things and get dressed into comfortable clothes, continuing to meow.

She’s a young cat and she has a ton of energy. All she wants to do is play with me, but either I’m too busy to play with her or I don’t have the energy. A cat with too much energy, but no real way to expel that energy is bad news bears for her, me, and our apartment.

To help Agent Romanoff while I’m away, I have mice toys for her to play with on her own. I also have a toy that spins a butterfly around, which Agent Romanoff loves, but it runs off of batteries, so I don’t leave it on during the day while I’m gone. Sometimes, she still plays with the butterfly when it’s not moving.

I leave a nightlight on for her because by the time I come home, it’s dark, so she always has some light. I used to leave her a movie playing with the volume turned up on my computer so she had some sounds while I was gone, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to her.


I can’t make my days on campus shorter, but whenever I am home, I give her as much attention as I can. I got a laser pointer so I could move it about while I read my textbook. I make sure her litter box is cleaned everyday and that her food and water bowels are fresh and full, so that isn’t an issue for her.

When I am home on the weekends, I spend a lot more time with my cat, trying to tire her out with play.


While Agent Romanoff would prefer I stay at home with her, that’s just not something I can do, so I’m continuously working to help my cat with her separation anxiety.

What do you do when you’re gone for hours away from your cat?

The eternal struggle of a cat litter box

I know I’m not the only cat owner who has to deal with the trials and tribulations that is the litter box. With my previous late cat and my current cat, I’ve gone through plenty of litter boxes and frankly, there’s disadvantages with all of them and I feel like there’s barely any advantages at all. Well, except for the fact that there’s a designated area for Agent Romanoff to do her business in.

When I first adopted Agent Romanoff, the pet store didn’t have anything that I wanted. She needed a litter box though so I got her a disposable one that already had some litter in a package attached to it. I told myself I’d come back later to find her a good litter box.

I returned to the pet store and was shocked to find that the litter box pan and litter box hood were sold separately. What! When I purchased a litter box for my late cat years ago, they were sold together. I couldn’t believe the price gouging going on here, especially when the hood price was so expensive on its own. I decided to go with an XL pan and see how an open space would do for Agent Romanoff.

I realized quick that the litter box liner I purchased earlier did not fit this pan, not one bit. That sucked, but Agent Romanoff needed her litter box. The open pan, for the most part, was okay. Agent Romanoff used the pan just fine and it sat in my bathroom. However, there were issues. The smell was awful if I didn’t scoop for what seemed like after a couple of hours, because the smell could easily escape without a hood, and the mat I got for her was something Agent Romanoff did not like because she jumped over it instead of wiping her paws on it. I tried replacing the mat with a towel instead, but that just meant that when she tried to wipe her paws, she dragged the towel into the litter box. I needed something more stable.

This time around, I went into the pet store to do this right. I was going to have to eat the costs of supplying Agent Romanoff something I could live with. I bought the hood and the pan, one that my liners could fit, and got her a new mat that would stay when she wiped her paws on it.


As soon as I opened the mat, Agent Romanoff claimed it as hers by lying down on it. As I added the liner and began adding the litter, Agent Romanoff tried to get into it. No, cat. This is not a two person job! I placed the hood on the pan, set the mat down, and brought Agent Romanoff into the bathroom to show it to her.


She seemed confused by it a little, even after I showed her that the door opened. I finally just flipped the door up so she can peek inside. She sat in front of the litter box and poked her head inside for several minutes. Then she placed her paw inside to make sure it was litter, I guess. I’m not sure about her reasoning.


Agent Romanoff finally went inside to do her business, I left the bathroom to give her some privacy, and when she stepped out of it, she immediately sat in front of the litter box and poked her head inside. I don’t understand my cat sometimes.

For the most part, I’m okay with this setup. The only way it’d be even better was if someone else was cleaning my cat’s litter box everyday. 😉

Review: Comfort Zone Feliway – Multicat

My roommate has a cat. He’s about three years old and hasn’t really lived with other cats before. When I adopted my cat, they were wary of each other as new cats are. I tried introducing them like guides I found online said so… to no avail. Her boy cat would chase Agent Romanoff into my room and try to attack her. It’s especially annoying when it happens at 4 or 5 in the morning and I wake up to the sounds of my cat shrieking as the boy cat chases and tries to attack her in my room (I leave my door slightly ajar so Agent Romanoff can go to the bathroom during the night).

While I was at the pet store a month ago, I found a product called Comfort Zone Feliway – Multicat diffuser kit.

Front cover of package
Front cover of package

On the box, it reads “Proven to help reduce tension + conflict in multicat homes.” Perfect! I looked up reviews on two different websites to see how people reacted to it and there were mostly positive reviews. The product was a little pricey, but it’d be worth it if it worked.

If it worked.

Back cover of package
Back cover of package

Like I said, I purchased Comfort Zone about a month ago which is about how long it lasts. I plugged it into the living room where both cats would end up in from time to time. Judging by how often I still get woken up by boy cat chasing Agent Romanoff into my room at night, or even during the day when both humans are in the living room and he spots her… no, this product doesn’t work.

Agent Romanoff's cat cousin in a Yoda costume.
Agent Romanoff’s cat cousin in a Yoda costume.

Maybe it’s because the living room is too big and I honestly don’t know the range of this product. I did try looking for that data and couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s because neither of them are within range long enough for the product to work. Maybe maybe maybe doesn’t help the fact that I am out a bunch of money because I was hoping its claims were true. If it did work for my situation, I’d have no problems buying the refill bottle every month, but that’s not happening.

Either way, it leaves me with trying to figuring out another solution so I can get a good night’s sleep and Agent Romanoff can use the bathroom in peace during the night.

Cat walks

Agent Romanoff is two years old and she has a lot more energy than I was expecting, as my late cat was ten years old when I adopted her and sixteen when she passed away. Agent Romanoff just wants to play all the time, even when I’m still sleeping and it’s 5:30 in the morning.

Don't let the cute sleeping pose fool you.
Don’t let the cute sleeping pose fool you.

She’s not shy about exploring the apartment or being social. When I first adopted her and brought her home, I thought she was going to find a place to hide as soon as I let her out of her carrier. That wasn’t the case at all as she began exploring to her heart’s delight. When my roommate came home, Agent Romanoff greeted her immediately and meowed for petting.

With those two things in mind, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a cat leash and taking her for cat walks outside. Probably not now because the weather isn’t so great, but sometime when the weather is nice out. I don’t know how Agent Romanoff will take it, but I suspect she’ll enjoy going out for walks. Then the two of us can enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise. Dog owners shouldn’t be the only ones who get to have that advantage!

But we’ll see if I do this or not. I need to research about cat leashes and taking cats out on walks before I even purchase a leash. Not to mention there is a downside to walking Agent Romanoff outside in that once I let her out, she’ll try her hardest to go back out again, whether or not she’s with me.

She loves attacking invisible monsters outside the window.
She loves attacking invisible monsters outside the window.

What do you think? Cat leash or no cat leash?