Agent Romanoff’s Birthday

Today is Agent Romanoff’s third birthday and we celebrated it with a small party. By small, I mean just between my cat and I.

I “made” my cat a birthday cake out of Fancy Feast wet food topped with her cat treats.

It’s nowhere near as fancy as cakes I’ve seen on Pinterest for other cats, but Agent Romanoff enjoyed it.

It took her awhile to finish her cake, but she finished off the entire thing.

Agent Romanoff loves ribbons so I got her some new ribbons to play with as her birthday present.

My cat also loves chasing after the red dot, so I got out the laser pointer and let her chase it all around the living room until she got tired and took a nap.

It was a good day and I hope to go bigger for Agent Romanoff’s fourth birthday next year.

Cat Food Review: Simply Nourish Source vs Whole Earth Farms

When I first adopted Agent Romanoff, I purchased a lot of new cat things that very day for her from the pet store. One of those items was cat food. Since it’d been years since I last had a cat, I didn’t know what brand of food to get for her. There seemed to be an endless amount of possibilities for cats, not just in brand but the different flavors within the brands themselves, and I didn’t know Agent Romanoff’s preference.

I finally decided to go with Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe because it was on sale and a small enough bag that if she didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I went with chicken flavor because what cat doesn’t like chicken flavor? I figured it was a safe bet.


I took Agent Romanoff home, got her settled in, and poured the dry food into her bowl. The dry food was shaped into what looked like little fish. Agent Romanoff checked out her food and I waited to see what her response was.

She ate the food without any hesitation. Hurray!

The Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe bag let me reseal it, which I really liked because I didn’t have to use a clothesline pins to close the bag up every time I had to refill Agent Romanoff’s bowl.

Soon enough, the bag was starting to run out and I went to the pet store to replace her food with the same bag. It was a proven winner for the both of us and I wasn’t going to argue with it. Except when I went to the pet store, I couldn’t find the bag at all. I walked up and down the cat food aisles looking for it and it wasn’t there. Granted, I couldn’t remember the name of the brand, but I thought I could recognize the bag’s image pretty easily.

Nope, it wasn’t there at all. That’s what I get for purchasing a clearance item. 😉

Okay, no big deal. I could purchase a different bag of dry food for Agent Romanoff and hoped she liked that one. I finally chose Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken because it was on sale and it was a small bag size. The flavor was chicken, at least, since I knew Agent Romanoff liked chicken. I bought it and took it home.


The dry food pieces were a lot smaller than the other brand and were spherical instead of shaped like fish. I mixed the two dry foods together since I still had some left from the first bag and waited to see what Agent Romanoff’s reaction to it was.

She enjoyed it just as much as the first bag. Yay! I didn’t have to worry about returning this bag of food. However, while my cat enjoyed the food, I was not enjoying the packaging. The first bag from Simply Nourish Source had a component that let me reseal the bag. This one from Whole Earth Farms had no such thing on its bag so I use two clothesline pins to close the bag. It’s a slight hassle to deal with, especially since I didn’t have to deal with it with the other brand. My roommate uses a container and pours all the cat food from a bag into it when it comes to cat storage, and maybe someday I’ll do that, but not today.

Considering Agent Romanoff liked both bags equally in taste, it comes down to my convenience as her human. I prefer Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe over Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken because I could reseal the bag. When Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken runs out, I’m going to go back to the pet store and find something else for Agent Romanoff to try.

Review: Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers: Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy

In my search of finding things I can use to bribe my cat, Agent Romanoff, I looked into wet food. My roommate’s cat enjoys Fancy Feast wet food, so I decided to try out that brand for Agent Romanoff’s wet food. I went to the pet store and browsed the large selection for that specific brand.

Fancy Feast has plenty of wet food in a few sizes. Since I didn’t know whether or not Agent Romanoff would like a particular flavor, I decided to go for the smallest can. But what flavor did I want to get? Agent Romanoff is picky about everything and wet food wasn’t going to be any different for her.

Since her dry food is chicken flavored, I decided to go with something chicken flavored for her wet food as well – Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers: Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy.


I decided to hold off on giving Agent Romanoff the wet food until the right moment. This was a bribe testing situation, yes, but I couldn’t give it to her just for any reason. A few days later, I finally had a reason, and I opened up the can and dumped the wet food into her bowl.


She sniffed at it and it looked like a winner before my hopes were dashed and Agent Romanoff walked away. No, pusa! Her cat cousin kept trying to sneak in and eat her wet food, so I’m not sure if she licked away the gravy or he did.

Agent Romanoff continued to ignore it until the next morning when she ate half of it. I guess that’s something at least? I may try another flavor of wet food as a bribe because this one didn’t quite work.

Review: Good Lovin’ Chicken & Liver Recipe Soft Goodies

Sometimes I regret naming my cat Agent Romanoff because I think she took the name to heart. What do I mean by that? I mean that she is really hard to bribe and hard to crack, like a good spy agent that she is. My late cat adored the cat treat Greenies, so much so that she went wild whenever I shook the bag and at one point, hunted the bag of Greenies in the middle of the night and tore it open. My late cat was also highly susceptible to catnip.

Agent Romanoff, however, refuses to give into my bribes. I bought a bag of Greenies and she sniffed at the treats before turning away. I even tried the cat treats my roommate uses for her own cat to no avail. When I tried using liquid catnip on her new toys or a new mat, she’d rub against it for a few seconds before ignoring the catnip enticement. I vaguely knew that some cats weren’t very affected by catnip, but I never thought I’d have that kind of cat. Then again, I never thought I’d have a cat who wouldn’t eat cat treats either!

I wasn’t going to give up, however. There had to be something out there that Agent Romanoff would enjoy. But what? I longed for the day when Agent Romanoff would find a treat she loved.

It is finally that day. I went to the pet store to pick up more litter for my cat and browsed through the cat treat aisle. It’s called Good Lovin’ Chicken & Liver Recipe Soft Goodies. I had high hopes for this cat treat because it’s chicken flavored and soft. Her current dry food is chicken flavored and the roommate’s cat treat for her cat was soft. Agent Romanoff sniffed and licked at it before ignoring it, so I was hoping that soft was something she’d like.

Good Lovin' treats

Apparently Good Lovin’ is a product of Ireland and I’ve never heard of it before. It was pretty cheaper, however, so I took it to the cashier to pay for it as well as the litter I came for in the first place.

I came home, cleaned out my cat’s litter box, and then turned to Agent Romanoff. I opened the bag of Good Lovin’ cat treats and let her sniff inside before I took out two treats and placed it on the floor. She sniffed and licked at it, but no treats were consumed. Nooo! I thought this was the one!

I tried moving the treats again towards her in hopes that she’d eat them. She didn’t even attempt to lick them as she turned away. I sighed and placed the treats onto a white paper. Maybe my roommate’s cat would like them so my purchase wouldn’t be in vain. I turned away from Agent Romanoff and went to check my email on my computer.

Then I heard it. Munching. I turned around in my chair so fast to verify with my eyes and not just my ears. Agent Romanoff was eating the treats! She was eating them! I opened up the bag and placed another treat down and she ate that, too.

Heart in my eyes, I finally found something to bribe my cat with. Now I need to figure out how to use the cat treats to my advantage. Something tells me Agent Romanoff is going to find a way to take advantage of me instead.

Pusa vs Pants, fight!