I’m Going to be Jubilee for Halloween

With a little over a week until Halloween, I finally got my costume together. As usual, I dithered over who to dress up as.

When it came down it, my Halloween costume had to be something I could easily cobble together and that I could also wear on campus since Halloween falls on a school day for me. I may be in a graduate program, but I doubt wearing sexy, revealing costumes are going to fly.

My first thought was Jubilee from the X-Men, but the few stores I casually went into didn’t have her trademark yellow jacket, so I had to improve and choose something else.

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So I decided that a female Han Solo costume would work. I mean, even if I don’t do it exactly, it wouldn’t be hard to get everything, right?

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Today, I went into a year round Halloween store and began shopping in earnest. As great as it would be to purchase an already made costume, I didn’t want to do that. They’re so expensive! Even if it was just a shirt, it was too expensive.

Halloween cat at the doorway.

When I entered the store, a father and a little girl were leaving and it was the little girl who noticed the cat. I prompted took a picture of the cat as he peered at the door like he was a guard cat. The employee nearby said the cat lived in the store, though I didn’t catch the cat’s name.

The store did have a Chun Li costume as well as a male Han Solo costume and I tried both of them on for funsies. The Chun Li costume was both a little too tight and way too revealing in my lower extremities, which wouldn’t do at all for school. Even if I wore leggings underneath and then put on the costume, it would be a little too much and since it didn’t fit, I knew I had to let it go.

The Han Solo costume fit a little better, but it was over $60, and there was no way I was going to pay that price when I could browse Goodwill stores and find something so much cheaper.

Halloween cat on the counter.

I found a belt with leg holster though it wasn’t what I wanted, but I’ll try to work with it.

I went to a nearby Goodwill store and I spotted a yellow short raincoat. Jackpot! I could be Jubilee, after all. I quickly searched the store for the rest of the outfit and tried them on.

The beginning of my Jubilee costume.

It worked. I purchased glow sticks from a dollar store and I have my fingerless gloves from last year. I’m so excited for my costume and I think next year, I’ll attempt harder to put together a female Han Solo costume since I have the leg holster and a (keychain) space gun (in order to bring it to campus).

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