I’m Going to be Jubilee for Halloween

With a little over a week until Halloween, I finally got my costume together. As usual, I dithered over who to dress up as.

When it came down it, my Halloween costume had to be something I could easily cobble together and that I could also wear on campus since Halloween falls on a school day for me. I may be in a graduate program, but I doubt wearing sexy, revealing costumes are going to fly.

My first thought was Jubilee from the X-Men, but the few stores I casually went into didn’t have her trademark yellow jacket, so I had to improve and choose something else.

Via Pinterest

So I decided that a female Han Solo costume would work. I mean, even if I don’t do it exactly, it wouldn’t be hard to get everything, right?

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Today, I went into a year round Halloween store and began shopping in earnest. As great as it would be to purchase an already made costume, I didn’t want to do that. They’re so expensive! Even if it was just a shirt, it was too expensive.

Halloween cat at the doorway.

When I entered the store, a father and a little girl were leaving and it was the little girl who noticed the cat. I prompted took a picture of the cat as he peered at the door like he was a guard cat. The employee nearby said the cat lived in the store, though I didn’t catch the cat’s name.

The store did have a Chun Li costume as well as a male Han Solo costume and I tried both of them on for funsies. The Chun Li costume was both a little too tight and way too revealing in my lower extremities, which wouldn’t do at all for school. Even if I wore leggings underneath and then put on the costume, it would be a little too much and since it didn’t fit, I knew I had to let it go.

The Han Solo costume fit a little better, but it was over $60, and there was no way I was going to pay that price when I could browse Goodwill stores and find something so much cheaper.

Halloween cat on the counter.

I found a belt with leg holster though it wasn’t what I wanted, but I’ll try to work with it.

I went to a nearby Goodwill store and I spotted a yellow short raincoat. Jackpot! I could be Jubilee, after all. I quickly searched the store for the rest of the outfit and tried them on.

The beginning of my Jubilee costume.

It worked. I purchased glow sticks from a dollar store and I have my fingerless gloves from last year. I’m so excited for my costume and I think next year, I’ll attempt harder to put together a female Han Solo costume since I have the leg holster and a (keychain) space gun (in order to bring it to campus).

Physics Paper Co-Authored By a Siamese Cat

I love cats and I love science. When I came across this article, I was amused by the marriage of both of those loves.

The story goes that a physics professor by the name of Jack H. Hetherington was writing an academic paper in 1975. The title of the paper was Two-, Three-, and Four-Atom Exchange Effects in bcc 3He and it was about “atomic behavior at different temperatures” (Atlas Obscura, 2016). The only problem was, after Hetherington finished writing his paper, it was realized that he had used “we” throughout the paper and he was the only writer of said paper.

In order to not rewrite the entire thing to change the pronoun to “I” instead of the “we” that was already there, along with other reasons, Hetherington instead found a co-author to share the credit with, and his Siamese cat, Chester fit his requirements.

Via Pinterest. This isn’t Chester, just a random Siamese cat.

Hetherington didn’t use Chester straight out as his cat’s coauthored credit name and went with F.D.C. Willard. The F.D.C. stands for Felix Domesticus, Chester (aka ‘domestic cat’ – Chester). Willard was the name of Chester’s father.

The paper was published in Physical Review Letters, issue 35.

Agent Romanoff doesn’t care about physics, unfortunately, or publishing papers. But maybe I’ll have her be a coauthor for my next blog post.

Reference: In 1975, a Cat Co-Authored a Physics Paper