Patty Jenkins is Directing the Wonder Woman Sequel

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Yay, Patty Jenkins is returning to direct the Wonder Woman sequel!

I figured it was going to happen because Jenkins did such a fabulous job at directing Wonder Woman as well as the movie kicking some major butt in the box office, but you never know. When the first Wonder Woman came out, Jenkins hadn’t been contracted to direct the sequel and considering the DCEU has already proven how much they like making mistakes, it was entirely possible not having her direct again was going to be their next mistake.

Via Pinterest

(Let’s be real, there will be a next mistake for the DCEU, but at least it won’t be this).

The sequel is due to come out December 13, 2019, so filming should start sooner or later in order to hit that date. I’m so excited. 😀

Reference: Patty Jenkins Closes Deal to Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel