Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

I went out on Thursday night and watched Wonder Woman. Let me just say that it is amazing and I want to watch it again in theaters. I rarely watch movies in theaters, let alone repeat of movies, so this is a brand new feeling for me. Especially so because Wonder Woman is essentially an origin story and I thought I was tired of origin stories. But I guess it’s just because movies keep using the same ones over and over again (and I’m looking at the three Spider-Man franchises when I say this. Let Peter Parker grow up or tell the story of someone else who played Spider-Man).

I bought a Wonder Woman shirt from Hot Topic for the Wonder Woman premiere because of course I’m going to. When I watched Batman v Superman in the theaters (that was a waste of money, ah well), I didn’t have a DC shirt so I wore my Women of Marvel shirt instead. For this movie, I wanted to be on point.

I ordered my ticket through fandango and chose a nearby theater. I got ready, also wearing my long, flowing blue skirt (mostly because it reminded me of Diana’s dress from the trailer) along with my Wonder Woman shirt, and drove to the theaters.

Fortunately, this theater also sells alcohol and I bought a drink. I’m really glad I did because the bartender said my outfit was missing something and handed me his Wonder Woman armbands that the employees were wearing. 😀

With drink, water, and a hot dog in hand, I was ready to watch this movie because it’s been a long time coming.

Spoilers below.

There were genuine funny moments in the movie, and not in a “this is stupid” kind of way like there was in BvS. Diana is adorable as a fish out of water, and the people around her were great as they reacted to her.

I enjoyed the action scenes, from the Amazons vs Germans, to Diana vs Germans. WWI is perfect for Diana’s brand of melee and seeing her come out of the trenches is just perfect. She takes on all the fire so the Allies could finally cross no man’s land. Yes, there’s a lot of slowmo cuts in the action scenes, but it didn’t actually bother me.

Diana grew up on the island of Themyscira so innocent. Though her aunt, General Antiope trained her to be the greatest Amazon warrior, her and her mother, Queen Hippolyta kept her in the dark. The horrors WWI and losing Steve makes her realize what the world truly is and I can see this Diana wanting to withdraw from it until BvS.

Her freak out when she thinks she’s completed her mission of killing Ares, but realizing it changed nothing about the evil men broke my heart. Steve is trying to reassure her and convince her of the good of mankind and make her feel better all while hearing the tick tock of time running out in his head because he has to complete his mission of preventing that gas from being used on more innocent people. She’s done with this world and Steve still lives in it, and tells her while mankind doesn’t deserve her, it’s about believing and love.

The main villain in this when he’s finally revealed, Ares, was kind of a let down from General Ludendorff and Dr. Isabel Maru (Doctor Poison). I just couldn’t take him seriously at all and after all the physicality of previous fights, his wasn’t. But I can overlook that because everything else in the movie was just so great.

I give Wonder Woman 9.5/10 stars and I am ready to watch it all over again.

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