Pigeons Are Roosting On My Balcony

I’m home! As soon as I got home, I kicked off my shoes and went straight to bed to nap. Well, napping turned into sleeping most of the day away, but I can’t complain. I needed that.

My cat, Agent Romanoff, was thrilled to see me and prompted meowed all of her stories and rubbed herself on me. I was very happy to see her too because I missed her while I was on my trip.

While I was gone though, a group of pigeons have decided to make my balcony their vacation spot by landing on the railing and/or the top of the light and making a bird scene.

My first thought was, “Noooo, go away pigeons! You’re going to poop everywhere!” But my second thought was, “Oh no, Agent Romanoff must love this.”

And she does. Boy, does she love it when the pigeons visit. I know cats can make their bird noises, but I’ve never heard Agent Romanoff make hers until now with the pigeons. She really loves seeing the pigeons. She crouches low, makes her bird calls, and either stays completely frozen from wherever she is in the apartment, or tries to creep towards the sliding door in an attempt to see them up close.

There is also a pigeon (pigeons?) that looks about half the size of my cat and I think Agent Romanoff is intrigued by that one the most. It was the only one she tried to attack, but because she was inside, only managed to smack her paws against the glass door, making it fly away. 😀

I’m kind of hoping the pigeons leave on their own because it’s not like there’s anything on my balcony to encourage their visit. I know Agent Romanoff loves them, which is why I’m not shooing them away on my own, but they need to go.

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