Philippine Trip: Vista del Mar

West from Paseo del Mar and some odd miles is Vista del Mar, another scenic location right on the water.

Vista is a lot more smaller than Paseo and there’s only one restaurant to eat at here. Plus you’re not allowed to bring food with you. Fortunately, we ate before coming to Vista.

You weren’t allowed to swim on the side with the mermaid statue (the side you enter in from), but there is a spot of beach on the other side where you can. I didn’t have my swimsuit, so I just dipped my toes into the water.

Vista is beautiful and it was great coming here. I like how peaceful Vista is (though my mom told me it gets busy with people all the time), so I was glad we came when it was quieter. I took a ton of pictures as you can tell from this post. 🙂

Philippine Trip:
1) Don’t Forget Your Luggage Tag!
2) Flight To Manila
3) 9 Hours at Ninoy Aquino Airport
4) Arrival in Zamboanga City
5) Isle of Santa Cruz
6) Paseo del Mar
7) Fort Pilar
8) Alavar Restaurant
9) City Mall
10) Vista del Mar
11) KCC Mall
12) Returning Home from Zamboanga City

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