Philippine Trip: KCC Mall

KCC Mall is the big mall in Zamboanga City. There are four floors, from the basement where the grocery store is along with plenty of smaller food places to the third floor where the movie theaters are.

Like other malls, the bottom of your car is inspected by a guard and a mirror on a stick before you can drop off someone and/or park your car. Then at the entrance of the mall, any entrance, there are guards and a metal detector.

My family loves coming to KCC Mall. There’s plenty of things to do here, though my mom usually goes to the grocery store more often than not.

It’s been months since I’ve last been to KCC, so I began exploring and taking pictures.

KCC Mall is bigger than some of the malls around where I live, so it’s fun to come here and see the differences between them.

There are a bunch of stores that I explored and, when I got hungry, I decided to have a snack.

I am a sucker for waffles, so I went down to the basement and ate at Waffle Daffle. I ordered Brownie Ala Mode as an ice cream topping and it was delicious. It didn’t cost a lot, only 80 pesos, which is one of the nice things I love about the Philippines. Nomnom, eat all the things!

Philippine Trip:
1) Don’t Forget Your Luggage Tag!
2) Flight To Manila
3) 9 Hours at Ninoy Aquino Airport
4) Arrival in Zamboanga City
5) Isle of Santa Cruz
6) Paseo del Mar
7) Fort Pilar
8) Alavar Restaurant
9) City Mall
10) Vista del Mar
11) KCC Mall
12) Returning Home from Zamboanga City

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