Philippine Trip: Alavar Restaurant

My family took me to eat at Alavar Restaurant in the barangay Tatuan. I love the food here and Alavar is synonymous with Zamboanga. Every time I visit Zamboanga, I just have to eat at Alavar as well.

The reason why Alavar restaurant is synonymous with Zamboanga is because it’s one of the older restaurants in the city. It’s lasted for both mine and my mom’s years, and with how delicious the food is and how nice the staff, I’m sure it’ll continue to last.

The restaurant is beautiful with its Spanish, rustic charms. You enter through the sliding doors into the restaurant and on the walls are black and white photos of the Alavar family.

One of the first pages of the menu has the story of how Alavar came to be.

There are tables outside with colorful decorations and cages of birds that sing to their delight.

But the real draw for me is always the food. I can’t get enough of the food and I wish there was an Alavar in the States so I could eat there.

Alavar sells jars of their food products like their bagoong, as well as desserts and their famous Alavar sauce. Alavar sauce on curacha (a type of crab that Zamboanga is famous for) is sarap (delicious)!

There’s an Alavar bed and breakfast next to the restaurant which makes me want to stay there for at least a night. I don’t need a bed and breakfast because whenever I fly here, I stay with family, but it’s tempting to have Alavar breakfast.

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