Philippine Trip: Fort Pilar

Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City is a historical site filled with beauty and calm.

Its origins were as a fort for the Spaniards before becoming a museum in recent days. In the courtyard of Fort Pilar, there is a shrine dedicated Our Lady of the Pillar.

You can purchase candles from vendors outside the fort for about 50 pesos. I purchased some, lit them, and said a prayer as they burned.

It’s very peaceful at Fort Pilar and I saw some people hanging out here as they took in the sight.

Philippine Trip:
1) Don’t Forget Your Luggage Tag!
2) Flight To Manila
3) 9 Hours at Ninoy Aquino Airport
4) Arrival in Zamboanga City
5) Isle of Santa Cruz
6) Paseo del Mar
7) Fort Pilar
8) Alavar Restaurant
9) City Mall
10) Vista del Mar
11) KCC Mall
12) Returning Home from Zamboanga City

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