Philippine Trip: Don’t Forget Your Luggage Tag!

It’s finally time for my trip to the Philippines. Yay! To travel to the Philippines, all you need is your passport. No visa is needed, but you can only stay in the country for a month before you have to leave.

I landed at LAX in the morning after a few delays. First, at my city’s airport because we were waiting for our turn down the runway and then when we arrived at LAX and were waiting for a terminal to open up for us.

I have to say, for as much as I’ve traveled, mistakes can happen. I woke up at 4 am to get ready to leave for the airport and because I rarely travel with checked bags, I forgot to ask if I had to claim my bags at LAX before going to the Tom Bradley International Terminal side of LAX for the next leg of my flight. Nor was I given the tags for my checked bags which would reveal where my bags go. Because of the delay, there wasn’t much time between when I arrived and when I had to board, especially if I had to “leave” the airport by going to baggage claim, go to the international side, check in, and go through the long line at security.

There is a hall between the domestic and international side of the airport and it overlooks both the check in counters and the security line. Both were long which meant if I went to baggage claim, it’d take me way too long to reach my terminal.

Neither the rep at American Airlines or Philippine Airlines were much help with helping me figure out if I had to go to baggage claim in LAX or if my luggage would already be waiting for me in Manila. I decided to risk it and wait for my Manila flight at the terminal, but I was annoyed.

I did manage to meet a therapy dog while I waited to board. His name was Tucker and he had a collectible card. I petted him for a few minutes while I calmed down and took some pictures with him.

This entry was supposed to be more about traveling through LAX, but ended up as a cautionary tale for travelers. Happy ending, my luggage did manage to be waiting for me at the Manila airport. Huzzah!

And here’s a picture of Agent Romanoff the night before I left.

Philippine Trip:
1) Don’t Forget Your Luggage Tag!
2) Flight To Manila
3) 9 Hours at Ninoy Aquino Airport
4) Arrival in Zamboanga City
5) Isle of Santa Cruz
6) Paseo del Mar
7) Fort Pilar
8) Alavar Restaurant
9) City Mall
10) Vista del Mar
11) KCC Mall
12) Returning Home from Zamboanga City

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