Philippine Trip: 9 Hours at Ninoy Aquino Airport

Once I picked up my luggage at the carousel, I knew I had to wait at the airport for 9 hours until my flight departed the airport. I wish my layover was barely a layover at all, but that was never going to be the case. Unfortunately, there are only three flights that depart to Zamboanga from Manila and I had missed the last flight of the day by a couple of hours.

To get to my terminal, I knew I had to take a shuttle because the Ninoy Aquino airport is huge. Fortunately, there’s a free shuttle between PAL flights, so I went from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 on it. It took awhile to get to Terminal 3, but I finally reached with my luggage. Since the PAL counters weren’t open, I had hours of waiting ahead of me before I could enter the inner part of the airport. I found a Passenger Holding Area on Level 3 and sat down there, taking out my tablet to watch some TV episodes I had downloaded. While I sat there, there were also some guards, so I felt safe.

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Level 4 has a food court that was open the entire night I was there. I didn’t eat anything, but it was nice to know that I wouldn’t go hungry if I needed to buy something to eat.

The airport has free wifi and I took advantage of it by checking my email and my facebook on my phone. I also messaged my mom to let her know I was safe at the airport.

The PAL counters opened after midnight, closer towards 1 am, and since I already had my Zamboanga ticket from LAX, I went to the bag drop off line. Once I dropped off my luggage, I then walked off towards the terminal and waited there until it was time to depart.

It is possible to charge your phone at the airport without a converter/transformer which was nice because my phone needed some juice. Just expect your phone to get hot really fast. I also recharged my iPod because I’ve been listening to music on it for hours on end.

My layover at Ninoy Aquino airport was pretty uneventful, which is perfectly fine for me. It was a good thing I brought things to entertain myself and time flew by. Soon I got on my plane and was heading towards Zamboanga.

(There’s a lack of pictures during this leg of my trip because it was so late and I was so tired, so I didn’t want to take pictures. Next time!)

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