My cat’s separation anxiety

I’ve been going to graduate school for my health professional program for over three months, and it is kicking my behind like nothing I’ve ever done before. I am on campus for over 12 hours every weekday and sometimes just that long or for a couple of hours on the weekend. If I’m not on campus, then I’m at home studying there (or asleep). What this means for me is that I barely have much of a personal life because I’m either at home (basically only to sleep!) or on campus. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to do my errands like shopping for groceries. Good thing I have a deep pantry.

With that lack of time for myself, it means there’s even more lack of time for my cat, Agent Romanoff. She’s at home all day and I know she hates the separation. As soon as I open the door, she’s meowing loudly and running to the door to greet me. I pet her as I take off my shoes before entering the carpeted section of my apartment (Asian rule: take off shoes) and she follows me through the apartment as I put down my things and get dressed into comfortable clothes, continuing to meow.

She’s a young cat and she has a ton of energy. All she wants to do is play with me, but either I’m too busy to play with her or I don’t have the energy. A cat with too much energy, but no real way to expel that energy is bad news bears for her, me, and our apartment.

To help Agent Romanoff while I’m away, I have mice toys for her to play with on her own. I also have a toy that spins a butterfly around, which Agent Romanoff loves, but it runs off of batteries, so I don’t leave it on during the day while I’m gone. Sometimes, she still plays with the butterfly when it’s not moving.

I leave a nightlight on for her because by the time I come home, it’s dark, so she always has some light. I used to leave her a movie playing with the volume turned up on my computer so she had some sounds while I was gone, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to her.


I can’t make my days on campus shorter, but whenever I am home, I give her as much attention as I can. I got a laser pointer so I could move it about while I read my textbook. I make sure her litter box is cleaned everyday and that her food and water bowels are fresh and full, so that isn’t an issue for her.

When I am home on the weekends, I spend a lot more time with my cat, trying to tire her out with play.


While Agent Romanoff would prefer I stay at home with her, that’s just not something I can do, so I’m continuously working to help my cat with her separation anxiety.

What do you do when you’re gone for hours away from your cat?

Week 1 of the NFL

Football season has arrived and week 1 games have been played! \o/

Throughout the rest of the year, I’m just waiting for the return of the NFL season so I can watch my two favorite teams win. I use the NFL Mobile app on my phone and I watch all the games through their Red Zone button which lets me watch all the morning/early afternoon games whenever a team reaches the red zone and/or scores a touchdown. Then I can watch the entirety of a night game on Sunday and Monday night.

The games this past Sunday on September 11th have been cray cray! Plenty of games were either won by 1 point or by teams that came up from behind in the 4th quarter.

My Seahawks won their game against the Dolphins by 2 points (10-12 final score) while my Patriots, temporarily quarterbacked by Jimmy Garoppolo, won against the Cardinals by 2 points (23-21 final score). WOO!

I’m going to ride these good feeling wins all week long. <3

Via Pinterest Via Pinterest

Not my cat, but how could I resist a cat dressed up as Marshawn Lynch? I really can’t!

My new funko pop! Agent May

My funko pop collection is slowly growing and my latest funko pop is all thanks to my best friend. On the list of funko pops that I wanted, Agent May from Agents of SHIELD was on the top of my list. Melinda May, aka the Calvary, played by the talented Ming-na Wen, is one of my favorite characters on the show, so of course I wanted her funko pop. Except, when I looked in my local stores for her, she wasn’t there. I checked online on Amazon, but I wasn’t going to spend the money on shipping plus the cost of the funko pop itself.

My best friend flew up to see me recently and we had a blast while she was here on her trip. After she flew back home, she texted me and said I should check my mail for my present. I thought her trip here was my present and insisted that was enough, but my best friend is amazing and had to go on and top herself.

Front of the box.
Front of the box.

When I checked my mail a few days later… I gasped when I saw the shape of the box. It was small and looked like a funko pop box. I tore it open and nearly swooned when I saw my Agent May funko pop inside. I immediately called my best friend to thank her profusely. She knew I wanted to build a funko pop collection and how much I wanted Agent May, but I never expected her to get me it.

Back of the box.
Back of the box.

Look at how awesome my funko pop is! I think Agent Romanoff approves.

Agent May and Agent Romanoff.
Agent May and Agent Romanoff.