The eternal struggle of a cat litter box

I know I’m not the only cat owner who has to deal with the trials and tribulations that is the litter box. With my previous late cat and my current cat, I’ve gone through plenty of litter boxes and frankly, there’s disadvantages with all of them and I feel like there’s barely any advantages at all. Well, except for the fact that there’s a designated area for Agent Romanoff to do her business in.

When I first adopted Agent Romanoff, the pet store didn’t have anything that I wanted. She needed a litter box though so I got her a disposable one that already had some litter in a package attached to it. I told myself I’d come back later to find her a good litter box.

I returned to the pet store and was shocked to find that the litter box pan and litter box hood were sold separately. What! When I purchased a litter box for my late cat years ago, they were sold together. I couldn’t believe the price gouging going on here, especially when the hood price was so expensive on its own. I decided to go with an XL pan and see how an open space would do for Agent Romanoff.

I realized quick that the litter box liner I purchased earlier did not fit this pan, not one bit. That sucked, but Agent Romanoff needed her litter box. The open pan, for the most part, was okay. Agent Romanoff used the pan just fine and it sat in my bathroom. However, there were issues. The smell was awful if I didn’t scoop for what seemed like after a couple of hours, because the smell could easily escape without a hood, and the mat I got for her was something Agent Romanoff did not like because she jumped over it instead of wiping her paws on it. I tried replacing the mat with a towel instead, but that just meant that when she tried to wipe her paws, she dragged the towel into the litter box. I needed something more stable.

This time around, I went into the pet store to do this right. I was going to have to eat the costs of supplying Agent Romanoff something I could live with. I bought the hood and the pan, one that my liners could fit, and got her a new mat that would stay when she wiped her paws on it.


As soon as I opened the mat, Agent Romanoff claimed it as hers by lying down on it. As I added the liner and began adding the litter, Agent Romanoff tried to get into it. No, cat. This is not a two person job! I placed the hood on the pan, set the mat down, and brought Agent Romanoff into the bathroom to show it to her.


She seemed confused by it a little, even after I showed her that the door opened. I finally just flipped the door up so she can peek inside. She sat in front of the litter box and poked her head inside for several minutes. Then she placed her paw inside to make sure it was litter, I guess. I’m not sure about her reasoning.


Agent Romanoff finally went inside to do her business, I left the bathroom to give her some privacy, and when she stepped out of it, she immediately sat in front of the litter box and poked her head inside. I don’t understand my cat sometimes.

For the most part, I’m okay with this setup. The only way it’d be even better was if someone else was cleaning my cat’s litter box everyday. 😉

New Girl Scout Cookies

Speaking of s’mores, there’s some exciting news coming from the Girl Scouts. Two pieces of exciting news in the form of brand new cookies for 2017!

The press release from the Girl Scouts states that their new flavors are going to be Girl Scout S’mores cookies, one version as “a crispy graham cookie double dipped in a crème icing and enrobed in a chocolatey coating.”


The other version is “a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling.” Even better, the chocolatey coated s’more cookie will be vegan and neither will contain artificial flavors.


Unfortunately, these cookies are going to be available in select markets in 2017 and they didn’t say where those select markets are going to be. I hope they choose where I live. I want these cookies in my life right now!


Review: S’mores Chips Ahoy

I went grocery shopping the other day and saw that Chips Ahoy came out with a s’mores flavored cookie. I got pretty excited at seeing it because I love smores and I will definitely buy a product if it’s s’mores flavored. So while I already had some cookies in my shopping cart, I also got the s’mores Chips Ahoy to try out as well.


When I got home and put away my groceries, I told myself to be good and not rip open the packaging right away. I was going to eat my dinner first, watch a movie on Netflix… and then rip open into the packaging to try out a cookie. I’ve already tried out the S’mores Oreos and I really like those. If this was just as good, I could then just choose between the two whenever I was in the mood for cookies and was grocery shopping (which basically meant whichever was cheaper at the time).

I ate my dinner, drank some water to cleanse the palate, so to speak, and opened up the package.


The first thing I noticed was how crumbly it was. I was not expecting it to be so crumbly. I love soft cookies, but this was too soft. Not a good first impression. As I lifted the cookie to my mouth, the cookie started to crumble even more. No, cookie! I want you in my mouth, not falling apart in my fingers!

I finally got the cookie in my mouth and I expected s’mores flavor to hit me full force. Or even somewhat s’mores flavor to hit me. This cookie should be in the vicinity of s’mores. However, when I ate the cookie, I didn’t taste s’mores at all. It tasted off, like it was supposed to be another flavor. I paused and took a drink of water. Maybe I was imagining things. This was the first time I’ve had this cookie and it’d been awhile since I’ve eaten anything s’mores flavored, so I tried another cookie. Nope, it still tasted odd.

I was quite disappointed because I bought this package of cookies in order to consume their little cookie souls, but I didn’t even want to eat another cookie, let alone the entire thing. Fortunately, I go to grad school with a bunch of hungry classmates, so I brought the cookies to campus the next day and they finished it off. No one commented on the flavor, making me think I was just imagining things, when the second to the last person to eat a cookie took a bite of the entire thing and made a face.

“What?” I asked.

“What flavor is this?”


“It doesn’t taste like s’mores. It tastes like cherries. I don’t want anymore.”

I don’t think it tasted like cherries, but I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one who thought it didn’t taste like s’mores.

The next time I’m in the grocery store, I’m going to give S’mores Chips Ahoy a wide berth and go for something tried and true if I want my s’mores fix.