Wonder Woman trailer

Grad school is no joke. I feel like I haven’t even had a moment to breathe, let alone do anything that wasn’t school related. In fact, I almost missed the fact that the new Wonder Woman trailer came out at Comic Con!

Spoilers below for the Wonder Woman movie trailer:

From the get go, I was enthralled. This was what I’ve been waiting for all my life. Did you know that Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame and Catwoman have had their own movies long before Wonder Woman did (whether or not you liked those movies)? And now it’s finally, finally Wonder Woman’s turn. As an aside, I’ve loved Gal Gadot since her Fast and Furious days, and when I knew she was playing Wonder Woman, I was super excited because I knew she’d do well in the role. Seeing her in Batman v Superman, I was right. Let’s keep that streak going!

The trailer begins on the beach when Diana meets Steve for the first time (as he’s washed onto the shores of her island, Themyscira). She’s never seen a man before until him. There are scenes of Themyscira and Diana in the human world with Steve, both shot beautifully and I love the clothes they’re wearing.

Speaking of beautiful clothes, there’s a shot of Diana in a blue dress, looking stunning with a sword tucked away along her spine.

“Have you never met a man before. But what about your father?”

“I have no father. I was brought to life by Zeus.”

Steve’s pause before saying, “Well, that’s neat.”

That scene made me snicker. There really isn’t much to say to that.

Then there are Amazons fighting on the beach! Diana fighting in the trenches during WWI! So gorgeous. Fighting with her lasso! Shielding herself from bullets. Breaking a rifle against her back. I am in love with these action scenes, not to mention how beautiful Diana looks in her Wonder Woman outfit as she fights against soldiers.

“I can’t let you do this.”

“What I do is not up to you.”

Oh, Steve. Diana is her own woman and she refuses to bend for anyone, including you.

Wonder Woman comes out June 2nd, 2017 which is way too far away in my opinion. I need this in my life right now. In the words of Fry from Futurama…

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