Cat Food Review: Simply Nourish Source vs Whole Earth Farms

When I first adopted Agent Romanoff, I purchased a lot of new cat things that very day for her from the pet store. One of those items was cat food. Since it’d been years since I last had a cat, I didn’t know what brand of food to get for her. There seemed to be an endless amount of possibilities for cats, not just in brand but the different flavors within the brands themselves, and I didn’t know Agent Romanoff’s preference.

I finally decided to go with Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe because it was on sale and a small enough bag that if she didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I went with chicken flavor because what cat doesn’t like chicken flavor? I figured it was a safe bet.


I took Agent Romanoff home, got her settled in, and poured the dry food into her bowl. The dry food was shaped into what looked like little fish. Agent Romanoff checked out her food and I waited to see what her response was.

She ate the food without any hesitation. Hurray!

The Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe bag let me reseal it, which I really liked because I didn’t have to use a clothesline pins to close the bag up every time I had to refill Agent Romanoff’s bowl.

Soon enough, the bag was starting to run out and I went to the pet store to replace her food with the same bag. It was a proven winner for the both of us and I wasn’t going to argue with it. Except when I went to the pet store, I couldn’t find the bag at all. I walked up and down the cat food aisles looking for it and it wasn’t there. Granted, I couldn’t remember the name of the brand, but I thought I could recognize the bag’s image pretty easily.

Nope, it wasn’t there at all. That’s what I get for purchasing a clearance item. 😉

Okay, no big deal. I could purchase a different bag of dry food for Agent Romanoff and hoped she liked that one. I finally chose Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken because it was on sale and it was a small bag size. The flavor was chicken, at least, since I knew Agent Romanoff liked chicken. I bought it and took it home.


The dry food pieces were a lot smaller than the other brand and were spherical instead of shaped like fish. I mixed the two dry foods together since I still had some left from the first bag and waited to see what Agent Romanoff’s reaction to it was.

She enjoyed it just as much as the first bag. Yay! I didn’t have to worry about returning this bag of food. However, while my cat enjoyed the food, I was not enjoying the packaging. The first bag from Simply Nourish Source had a component that let me reseal the bag. This one from Whole Earth Farms had no such thing on its bag so I use two clothesline pins to close the bag. It’s a slight hassle to deal with, especially since I didn’t have to deal with it with the other brand. My roommate uses a container and pours all the cat food from a bag into it when it comes to cat storage, and maybe someday I’ll do that, but not today.

Considering Agent Romanoff liked both bags equally in taste, it comes down to my convenience as her human. I prefer Simply Nourish Source: Chicken & Turkey Recipe over Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken because I could reseal the bag. When Whole Earth Farms: Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken runs out, I’m going to go back to the pet store and find something else for Agent Romanoff to try.

Snack shopping at the Asian grocery store

I went shopping at the Asian grocery store the other day to pick up some ingredients to cook some meals and I ended up getting some snacks as well.


I admit, just buying them made me feel a little bit more Asian. 😉


I grew up eating chicharon as a snack. It’s fried pork rinds and it is delicious. Chicharon is crunchy and the bag I purchased is flavored with salt and vinegar.

20160317_143131 20160317_143134

This is pan de ube and is a bit of a twofer in terms of explanation. Pan means bread and there’s a lot of different types of pan, like pan de sal (yes, the English translation means salted bread, but it’s not what you think and it’s so much more than that, but that’s a different post). Ube is purple yam and ube can be made into a lot of different things, from ube ice cream to ube cake.

It’s been forever since I’ve eaten ube, so I couldn’t help but pick this up to eat. The ube wasn’t that sweet, which was just fine for me, and I ate them right up for my breakfasts.


I rarely eat fruit and I normally don’t like mango. However, the exception to this is green mango. Green mango isn’t sweet like a ripe mango, but sour. I tend to eat green mango with bagon gata or soy sauce. It’s been awhile though since I’ve eaten green mango and when I saw this, I decided why not and placed it in my shopping cart.

It’s always good to get back to one’s roots every now and then, and starting off with Filipino snacks is a delicious way to do just that.

Paalam! (Goodbye!)

Wonder Woman: movie and Funko Pop

My best friend was in town for the last couple of weeks on vacation, so I spent offline time having fun and getting into shenanigans with her. But I am back and ready to continue blogging about geek and cat things.


Gal Gadot finished wrapping on the solo Wonder Woman movie. Yay! Gal Gadot Wraps ‘Wonder Woman’ Filming, Thanks Cast and Crew. I loved Gal as Wonder Woman in the Batman v Superman movie and I can’t wait to see her in action in her own movie.

Via Entertainment Weekly

The first movie about Wonder Woman comes out June 2017 and I can’t believe it’s taken this long to even happen. She is part of DC’s Trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) and the former two have had scores of movies and shows over the years.

I finally got a Funko Pop and my first one was Wonder Woman from the Batman v Superman movie. Look how pretty she is!


I haven’t figured out how I want to display my future Funko Pop collection, but I have plenty of time before that becomes a problem. Now I need to collect all the things!

Review: Leaps & Bounds Winged Chase

Agent Romanoff loves chasing after things, like her BB-8 cat teaser, and I wanted to get her a toy that would allow her to take full advantage of her hunting ability. I went to the pet store to see what they had in stock.

The first thing I saw was that a lot of the moving cat toys were pretty pricey. I love my cat, but I only have so much money to spend on her. Then I noticed a Leaps & Bounds Winged Chase box on the bottom shelf.


On the box, it states that it:

“-Promotes exercise and spirited play

-Satisfies cats’ instinct to chase

-Includes 2 butterfly attachments”

The toy also requires 3 AA batteries which weren’t included, but I have plenty of batteries at home, so that wasn’t a problem. On the back of the box, there were instructions on how to put the toy together.

It was about $20 and I figured it would work for my needs. When I went to the register, I spoke with the cashier about the toy. She hadn’t seen anyone purchase it before (it was the only box on the shelf) and said if my cat didn’t like, I could always return it with my receipt. Done and done.

I took the toy home and attempted to put it together. First off, it was really hard trying to unscrew the screw where I needed to put in the batteries. A friend helped me to unscrew and screw in the battery box cover after I put in the batteries. Then I installed a butterfly and set it near Agent Romanoff.

I turned on the toy and it spun really fast. The butterfly shook as it spun around in a circle. Agent Romanoff was surprised and she backed off from the toy. Oh no. I’m already thinking I wasted $20 on a toy that she didn’t like so I turned it off. She returned to the toy and sniffed at the butterfly. That was promising and I figured it’ll be a toy that she’ll only like if it’s turned off.

An hour later, I turned on the toy and watched Agent Romanoff’s reaction. She backed away, but it kept her interest as her head turned with the butterfly’s spin. All of a sudden, she pawed at the butterfly and tried to catch as it spun.

Since purchasing the Winged Chase toy, Agent Romanoff loves playing with it. She’s come to a point where she’ll start from the opposite side of my room and run after the butterfly, miss it, and start from my bathroom in order to chase it again. Sometimes she’ll hide with the plastic bag she’s claimed as her own toy as she attempts to catch the butterfly.


I couldn’t find the toy on either the pet store website or Amazon, so I don’t know if it’s still in stock, but Leaps & Bounds company has plenty of toys for sale that I’m tempted to try out for Agent Romanoff since the toy went so well. It’s definitely one of Agent Romanoff’s favorites.

Captain America: Civil War comes out this Friday

May the 4th be with you!

Captain America: Civil War comes out this Friday in the US (or Thursday night for those who are going to the midnight premiere) and I’ve been hesitant about this movie for the longest time.

Why? Because it’s a Captain America movie! There is no reason for Iron Man (and because it’s Civil War, nearly everyone else) to be in his movie. You might as well call it Avengers 2.5. Iron Man has 3 individual movies under his belt. Captain America has to share his third movie with everyone and the kitchen sink. What a ripoff.

Also Civil War. Civil War?! It was an annoying arc in the comics and they decided it was a good idea to bring it to the movie universe? Okie dokie. Even more so, it’s way too early for Civil War to happen in this universe and, as far as I can see from the trailers, there are too little people for a registration. Unless we’re counting the Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD, but I don’t think they’re going to mention the TV show.

Not to mention there are plenty of Captain America movie only characters that I wanted to see more of, but they’ll be pushed aside in this movie for the other characters. Uncool.

Whatever. I’ll watch this because I am a Captain America and MCU fan, but I’m going into it annoyed.

#TeamCap vs #TeamIronMan? I am #TeamWhyIsIronManInThisMovie.

Review: Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers: Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy

In my search of finding things I can use to bribe my cat, Agent Romanoff, I looked into wet food. My roommate’s cat enjoys Fancy Feast wet food, so I decided to try out that brand for Agent Romanoff’s wet food. I went to the pet store and browsed the large selection for that specific brand.

Fancy Feast has plenty of wet food in a few sizes. Since I didn’t know whether or not Agent Romanoff would like a particular flavor, I decided to go for the smallest can. But what flavor did I want to get? Agent Romanoff is picky about everything and wet food wasn’t going to be any different for her.

Since her dry food is chicken flavored, I decided to go with something chicken flavored for her wet food as well – Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers: Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy.


I decided to hold off on giving Agent Romanoff the wet food until the right moment. This was a bribe testing situation, yes, but I couldn’t give it to her just for any reason. A few days later, I finally had a reason, and I opened up the can and dumped the wet food into her bowl.


She sniffed at it and it looked like a winner before my hopes were dashed and Agent Romanoff walked away. No, pusa! Her cat cousin kept trying to sneak in and eat her wet food, so I’m not sure if she licked away the gravy or he did.

Agent Romanoff continued to ignore it until the next morning when she ate half of it. I guess that’s something at least? I may try another flavor of wet food as a bribe because this one didn’t quite work.