Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD as a new Funko Pop

I’ve never been much of a collector of geeky things, whether it’s cards or posters or action figurines. One reason is that I keep moving all over the place, so I never really had a permanent place to showcase them because I’d just keep repacking them into boxes for the next move. I’m staying here for the next few years though and I want to make my apartment a home. The other reason is that collecting anything is expensive.

However, it feels right to start collecting now, which means figuring out what to collect. I don’t want something too gaudy or small. If I’m going to collect something, I want to be able to showcase it in my apartment, but without it overtaking my apartment. And since my interests are wide and varied, I wanted a product that would let me purchase whatever geeky thing I wanted while my collection remained uniform.

The answer? Funko Pop!

The Funko Pops remind me of Japanese chibi characters which is no problem on my part because I think chibi characters are cute. They’re also relatively cheap, depending on which ones I want to get.

I’ve been looking at different websites to see what’s out there and I can’t wait to start collecting.

Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy Johnson on Agents of SHIELD, announced on her Instagram that Funko Pop is coming out with her character as the latest Funko Pop figurine.

Via instagram
Via instagram

I love Daisy Johnson and I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on her Funko Pop figurine. They need to update when this is actually coming out!

In the meanwhile, I’ll work on getting other Funko Pops. There’s plenty of DC/Marvel ones I’ve been eyeing, as well as Star Wars characters. Not to mention Agent Melinda May from the Agents of SHIELD collection who is already out.

Via walmart.com
Via walmart.com

I wonder if someday Funko Pop will make one for Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird)? Time to make a list of which characters I want to collect.

Does anyone else collect Funko Pop characters?

Interesting article links

Chinese-American Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet talks diversity in Hollywood

‘Daredevil’ Star Elodie Yung Talks Evolving Iconic Marvel Character Elektra

Showing some interesting links I found. I watch both Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil, and I’m pretty happy to have Chloe as Daisy Johnson and Elodie as Elektra. Not to mention that Agents of SHIELD has the magnificent Ming-na Wen as Melinda May, and no one messes with Melinda May.

I am all about Asian women in my geeky mediums. There should be more, just saying.

Agent Romanoff loves having more Asian women in her geeky mediums, too.
Agent Romanoff loves having more Asian women in her geeky mediums, too.

Speaking of Asian women: Olivia Munn Joins ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Cast as Psylocke. And here’s an article showing her as Psylocke.

This Week’s Cover: First look at the new generation of mutants in X-Men: Apocalypse.

I’ve been a geek for most of my life and I like seeing some of what I consume reflecting back at me.

Making curry udon

I was rewatching the last few episodes of the anime Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma on Hulu which showcased a curry battle between the students. As I watched I realized, “Oh wait, I have a curry mix in my cupboard. I have udon. I can make curry udon!”

I’m not a cook by any means. I never went to culinary school like my roommate and I’m not a home cook like the ones you see on Masterchef or even Masterchef Junior (those kids are amazing!). I rely heavily on recipes that I find on Pinterest and because I rarely cook, there are plenty of cooking hacks I am unaware of. There’s a reason why I ask my roommate a lot of culinary questions.

I looked up examples of curry udon on Pinterest, though none of them were exactly the set up I had with my curry and udon. Then I went into the kitchen.

Japanese style noodles Inaka Udon Golden Curry sauce mix

I boiled water in a pot and then placed the udon noodles inside until it became soft and cooked. I also added salt to the water for taste. I poured the udon and water out into a colander, then cooled it with cool water. While I placed that aside, I began to work on the curry.

It wasn’t until I opened up the package that I realized it was the type of curry that didn’t come with vegetables. It was a big block of curry and, reading the wrong side though I didn’t realize there were two sets of instructions, began to pour water and breaking down the block in the microwave for 7 minutes. It wasn’t until I was midway through microwaving the curry that I realize the other side of the package had the stove instructions for it and I was doing the microwave instructions. Ah well! Every 2 minutes, I took the curry out to stir it.

While I waited for my curry, I remembered that I just purchased bok choy and eggs. I poured more water back into the pot I cooked udon in, washed and chopped up my bok choy, and when the water was boiling, I put in the bok choy. I also got my eggs and cracked into the pot to cook. If I had better culinary skills, I’d do something fancy with eggs like poaching, but nope. I just wanted to make sure the eggs were cooked.

When the bok choy and eggs were ready, I poured them out into a colander, then placed the udon back in the pot. I added the bok choy, eggs, and curry onto the udon before mixing them all together.

Curry udon with bok choy and eggs.
Curry udon with bok choy and eggs.

I took a bite of the curry udon and it was tasty! I made plenty to last me awhile. Since it was pretty easy to make and it was tasty until the last bite, I plan to make more in the future.

Review: Comfort Zone Feliway – Multicat

My roommate has a cat. He’s about three years old and hasn’t really lived with other cats before. When I adopted my cat, they were wary of each other as new cats are. I tried introducing them like guides I found online said so… to no avail. Her boy cat would chase Agent Romanoff into my room and try to attack her. It’s especially annoying when it happens at 4 or 5 in the morning and I wake up to the sounds of my cat shrieking as the boy cat chases and tries to attack her in my room (I leave my door slightly ajar so Agent Romanoff can go to the bathroom during the night).

While I was at the pet store a month ago, I found a product called Comfort Zone Feliway – Multicat diffuser kit.

Front cover of package
Front cover of package

On the box, it reads “Proven to help reduce tension + conflict in multicat homes.” Perfect! I looked up reviews on two different websites to see how people reacted to it and there were mostly positive reviews. The product was a little pricey, but it’d be worth it if it worked.

If it worked.

Back cover of package
Back cover of package

Like I said, I purchased Comfort Zone about a month ago which is about how long it lasts. I plugged it into the living room where both cats would end up in from time to time. Judging by how often I still get woken up by boy cat chasing Agent Romanoff into my room at night, or even during the day when both humans are in the living room and he spots her… no, this product doesn’t work.

Agent Romanoff's cat cousin in a Yoda costume.
Agent Romanoff’s cat cousin in a Yoda costume.

Maybe it’s because the living room is too big and I honestly don’t know the range of this product. I did try looking for that data and couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s because neither of them are within range long enough for the product to work. Maybe maybe maybe doesn’t help the fact that I am out a bunch of money because I was hoping its claims were true. If it did work for my situation, I’d have no problems buying the refill bottle every month, but that’s not happening.

Either way, it leaves me with trying to figuring out another solution so I can get a good night’s sleep and Agent Romanoff can use the bathroom in peace during the night.

Review: Lay’s Korean Barbecue chips

Do you like Korean barbecue? Do you like potato chips? Then I highly recommend you run to your nearest store and pick up a bag of Lays’ Korean Barbecue flavored potato chips. Just like their previous bags of chips that are based off some food dish (Reuben sandwiches, gyros, etc), their Korean Barbecue chips taste exactly like Korean barbecue tastes like.

Via pinterest.com/michelekrentz
Via pinterest.com/michelekrentz

I first saw the bag of chips at a local drugstore while I was picking up something else to purchase. Go figure I go into the drugstore for one thing and come out with several other things not on my list. But I was curious because I love me some Korean barbecue and honestly, I would eat it every day if I could. I’ve tried their previous bags of chips and those chips tasted exactly like the real dish it was based off of, but this was Korean barbecue we’re talking about. There’s so much that goes into Korean barbecue that I didn’t think it was possible to match that right note of deliciousness. I bought two small bags because they were on sale together and went home to try it out.

The first chip I put into my mouth had my eyes widening and my tongue extremely happy. It did taste like Korean barbecue and I had to stop myself from consuming the entire bag in that moment. I waited until my roommate came home and offered her some chips. Maybe I had gotten it wrong. Maybe I was imagining it tasted like Korean barbecue. She loved Korean barbecue just as much as I did, so she’d tell me the truth.

Her reaction to the chips was the same reaction I had and she almost tried to inhale my bag of chips. Instead I offered her the other bag and it didn’t long before we ate everything up.

I even let Agent Romanoff sniff a chip to see what she thought about it. I was surprised, but she actually started licking the chip, so it’s cat approved (though I tried it again and she sniffed at it before turning away. Agent Romanoff is so fickle).

Lays, you did it again and the next time I went out shopping, I bought myself a larger bag to eat. The Lays Korean Barbecue chips are dangerous in a good way and I hope they stick around because eating a bag of chips is a lot cheaper than going to a Korean restaurant every night to eat.

Cat walks

Agent Romanoff is two years old and she has a lot more energy than I was expecting, as my late cat was ten years old when I adopted her and sixteen when she passed away. Agent Romanoff just wants to play all the time, even when I’m still sleeping and it’s 5:30 in the morning.

Don't let the cute sleeping pose fool you.
Don’t let the cute sleeping pose fool you.

She’s not shy about exploring the apartment or being social. When I first adopted her and brought her home, I thought she was going to find a place to hide as soon as I let her out of her carrier. That wasn’t the case at all as she began exploring to her heart’s delight. When my roommate came home, Agent Romanoff greeted her immediately and meowed for petting.

With those two things in mind, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a cat leash and taking her for cat walks outside. Probably not now because the weather isn’t so great, but sometime when the weather is nice out. I don’t know how Agent Romanoff will take it, but I suspect she’ll enjoy going out for walks. Then the two of us can enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise. Dog owners shouldn’t be the only ones who get to have that advantage!

But we’ll see if I do this or not. I need to research about cat leashes and taking cats out on walks before I even purchase a leash. Not to mention there is a downside to walking Agent Romanoff outside in that once I let her out, she’ll try her hardest to go back out again, whether or not she’s with me.

She loves attacking invisible monsters outside the window.
She loves attacking invisible monsters outside the window.

What do you think? Cat leash or no cat leash?

Review: Good Lovin’ Chicken & Liver Recipe Soft Goodies

Sometimes I regret naming my cat Agent Romanoff because I think she took the name to heart. What do I mean by that? I mean that she is really hard to bribe and hard to crack, like a good spy agent that she is. My late cat adored the cat treat Greenies, so much so that she went wild whenever I shook the bag and at one point, hunted the bag of Greenies in the middle of the night and tore it open. My late cat was also highly susceptible to catnip.

Agent Romanoff, however, refuses to give into my bribes. I bought a bag of Greenies and she sniffed at the treats before turning away. I even tried the cat treats my roommate uses for her own cat to no avail. When I tried using liquid catnip on her new toys or a new mat, she’d rub against it for a few seconds before ignoring the catnip enticement. I vaguely knew that some cats weren’t very affected by catnip, but I never thought I’d have that kind of cat. Then again, I never thought I’d have a cat who wouldn’t eat cat treats either!

I wasn’t going to give up, however. There had to be something out there that Agent Romanoff would enjoy. But what? I longed for the day when Agent Romanoff would find a treat she loved.

It is finally that day. I went to the pet store to pick up more litter for my cat and browsed through the cat treat aisle. It’s called Good Lovin’ Chicken & Liver Recipe Soft Goodies. I had high hopes for this cat treat because it’s chicken flavored and soft. Her current dry food is chicken flavored and the roommate’s cat treat for her cat was soft. Agent Romanoff sniffed and licked at it before ignoring it, so I was hoping that soft was something she’d like.

Good Lovin' treats

Apparently Good Lovin’ is a product of Ireland and I’ve never heard of it before. It was pretty cheaper, however, so I took it to the cashier to pay for it as well as the litter I came for in the first place.

I came home, cleaned out my cat’s litter box, and then turned to Agent Romanoff. I opened the bag of Good Lovin’ cat treats and let her sniff inside before I took out two treats and placed it on the floor. She sniffed and licked at it, but no treats were consumed. Nooo! I thought this was the one!

I tried moving the treats again towards her in hopes that she’d eat them. She didn’t even attempt to lick them as she turned away. I sighed and placed the treats onto a white paper. Maybe my roommate’s cat would like them so my purchase wouldn’t be in vain. I turned away from Agent Romanoff and went to check my email on my computer.

Then I heard it. Munching. I turned around in my chair so fast to verify with my eyes and not just my ears. Agent Romanoff was eating the treats! She was eating them! I opened up the bag and placed another treat down and she ate that, too.

Heart in my eyes, I finally found something to bribe my cat with. Now I need to figure out how to use the cat treats to my advantage. Something tells me Agent Romanoff is going to find a way to take advantage of me instead.

Pusa vs Pants, fight!

Review: Star Wars cat toys

Hello and Happy National Pet Day!

I visited the pet store recently to get my pusa (cat), Agent Romanoff, some toys. What I found there were cat Star Wars toys and my face basically went 😀 😀 😀 because I love me some Star Wars. I didn’t know what kind of toys Agent Romanoff preferred since all cats are different, but it didn’t matter. If she didn’t like the toys, I’ll be happy with them myself.

The first toy was STAR WARS Han Solo and Princess Leia Mice Cat Toys. They look like mice versions of Han Solo and Princess Leia!

Han and Leia mice toys

I sprayed some liquid catnip on the toys to see how Agent Romanoff would like them. She nuzzled them, kinda batted them a little, but for the most part, she doesn’t play with her mouse toys.

It’s a little disappointing because my late cat loved her mice toys, but like I said, it’s Star Wars so they’re mine now. Han Solo and Princess Leia mice spend their days guarding her food and water bowls.

The second toy I purchased for Agent Romanoff was a Star Wars BB-8 Cat Teaser. At first, Agent Romanoff didn’t like the toy and ignored it. It took awhile though before she began really enjoying the toy.

BB-8 cat teaser

She chases the BB-8 around my boxes over and over again. When she stops, I dangle BB-8 just a couple of feet ahead of her and she crouches to attack. When she attacks, BB-8 moves and the cycle begins anew. Sometimes I let BB-8 fly over her head and she does this adorable acrobatic move in the air that I wish I could capture on video, but it’s hard to record the action and play with her with the toy at the same time. Maybe next time.

Agent Romanoff hates it when I stop using the BB-8 to play with her and will meow quite insistently that I continue. Bossy cats are bossy!

I only bought these two Star Wars toys for my cat, but I definitely want to purchase more. Since my local pet store is running out of the toys, I’ll have to do it through their website, but that’s fine.

If your cat likes mice toys and you like Star Wars, definitely try to get the Han Solo and Princess Leia mice toys. There are other Star Wars versions of these mice toys, like Chewie and Yoda, that I may pick up anyway for myself since Agent Romanoff doesn’t like mice toys in general.

She does, however, love the BB-8 Cat Teaser a great deal. If your cat loves things on a stick and you like Star Wars, definitely pick it up.

Cat Toys

Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with my roommate the other day. She wore her Wonder Woman tank while I wore my Women of Marvel tank, so you can guess that we weren’t really expecting the movie to be super amazing. For the most part, I kept myself spoiler free though I heard that the reviews for the movie weren’t positive. Still, I wanted to see it for myself and judge it on my own.

Below the cat are spoilers for the movie:

Pusaandpants: Cat spoilers

In a word? Wonder Woman was great (and how awkward is it that that’s the first thing I say about the movie? Exactly). Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman wasn’t that bad, which isn’t saying much because the movie was so bad. Most of that was because the writing was just plain horrible, didn’t make much sense, and there were plot holes as tall as I am (and I’m 5’8″). I kept biting back the urge to shout at the movie screen, “What are you doing? Stop it!”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a sequel to Man of Steel, the latest rebooted Superman movie with Henry Cavill and addresses the consequences of the ending of that movie which was the amount of death and destruction that occurred when Superman fought General Zod. It’s the reason why Batman has a beef with Superman as one of the buildings that were destroyed during the fight was a Wayne building. It makes some sense, at least more so than why Superman has against Batman. The thing is, 18 months have gone by since Man of Steel and Superman hasn’t destroyed the world. Why does Batman think Superman will anytime soon, especially since the movie shows scenes of Superman saving people time and time again?

Superman’s beef against Batman makes very little sense in the scheme of things. He thinks Batman is trampling on civil liberties and is a menace. Clark is somewhat taken aback because it looks like the police are helping Batman to do what he does and tries to get Perry White to allow him to write an expose on the Dark Knight. Perry doesn’t care and tells Clark to write about football instead, but Clark is having none of it. He wants everyone to know just how terrible the Batman really is!

Okay, fine, but it doesn’t make any sense. Why? Because it’d been said a few times during the movie that Batman had been active for 20 years. 20. Years. No wonder Perry doesn’t care about Batman since it’s 20 year old news. Gotham City doesn’t care that Batman is operating in their city. If the movie storyline had gone with Clark being worried about the escalation of Batman’s methods since he seems to be branding criminals, that would have made more sense, but not the fact that Batman exists and is doing what he’s doing. Clark Kent, you are 20 years too late.

I understand that the studio wanted a more darker, grittier superhero movie, perhaps to compete with Marvel’s superhero movies that are much lighter in tone, but if that’s the case, then why is Lex Luthor the way he is in this movie? This Lex Luthor is played by Jesse Eisenberg and the first thing you’ll notice is that this Lex has hair. Long hair. Why? Not to mention, this Lex is quite campy and doesn’t fit in with the darker, grittier style of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He also doesn’t feel like any Lex Luthor that I know.

As an aside, it was weird that Lex Luthor knew Superman and Batman’s identities (and maybe knew about it for at least two years?) but we weren’t shown how he knew. It was just bam, he says it like it was nothing at all. Uh, way to tell not show, movie.

The reason why Batman and Superman stop fighting and start working together is pretty stupid, too. The people in the theater made disbelieving noises about it when it happened. Superman, why didn’t you shout out what you needed to say from the get go? Also why did Superman shout out the name Martha instead of shouting out “Save my mom!”? Pretty sure Batman would have stopped at the mom part and then Superman could have said, “My mom, Martha. Save her.” Urgh, so awkward.

It’s also pretty stupid of Batman to have wasted so much Kryptonite for 3 gas shots and a tiny spear. Batman is a smart man. This wasn’t that smart. Nor was the way Batman challenged Superman in their fight.

I will admit that watching Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman battling against Doomsday was great to see on the big screen. Wonder Woman has no fear going up against Doomsday, not even when it’s mentioned that Doomsday is not of this world. She keeps fighting and shrugging off Doomsday attacks as she charges back in for more. Her lasso even makes an appearance in the movie as she holds Doomsday steady while Batman gasses him with Kryptonite and Superman stabs him with the Kryptonite spear.

The movie also showed appearances of Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash (not the same actor from the show Flash) who’ll appear in the future Justice League movie.

Superman dies, or “dies” since the ending scene of the movie suggests otherwise, and it was pretty stupid. Why didn’t Wonder Woman hold the spear? She’s plenty strong and best of all, she’s not weak against Kryptonite! Batman wants to get the metahumans he found in Lex Luthor’s files together with Wonder Woman. There’s also no scenes after the end of the credits.
My roommate and I left the theater angry because the plot was awful, and it wasn’t even the kind that’s “so bad it’s good” kind of awful. I just hope that the rest of the movies from DC aren’t this terrible. I actually want to watch the Wonder Woman movie. Same with Suicide Squad. I guess the bright side is that Ben Affleck didn’t fail me as Batman.

Ready to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Hi, I’m Pants! This is my blog where I talk about things I enjoy, including things related to my pusa (cat), Agent Romanoff.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out on March 25, 2016 and while I’m still hesitant on Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, I’m ready to watch this movie. I’m staying away from spoilers and reviews because I want to experience it on my own, good or bad (though probably bad). My roommate just purchased a Wonder Woman muscle tank and she’s going to wear it when we watch the movie together. I don’t have any DC apparel in my closet, so I decided to go to the website Her Universe to find something I can wear.

Unfortunately, Her Universe doesn’t have anything DC-related, but it does have Marvel-related things. Sure, neither Batman or Superman are Marvel, but who cares? If they didn’t care when they hired Ben Affleck, I’m not going to care that I’m wearing Marvel to the movie.

I finally decided on this Women of Marvel Collage Tank that features Black Widow, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk and Medusa. I think it’s going to be hilarious when we go watch the movie and we’re in our shirts (her in her Wonder Woman shirt and me in my Women of Marvel shirt).


If only there were comic related items for cats so Agent Romanoff could wear something. Instead, here’s a picture of her giving some good advice:

Agent Romanoff's BvS opinion